Earthbeat Featival YogaRhythms DJ mix is up!

23 Aug

Finally, it’s up. A selection of music summoned to tap into the powerful earth rhythms and frequencies around us.  To celebrate our culture, our people and our EARTH.  A selection of music to celebrate Earth Day 2015. ENJOY!


Screenshot 2015-08-23 at 9.39.11 pm

Ommm Sweat Sunday with RIA @ LuluLemon

5 Aug

Sweat Sundays


So unbelievably excited to be guiding my first power vinyasa class at the awesome lululemon store in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand, The Universe.

Sunday 16th of August | 8.30AM

I’m all about the flow, and can’t wait to show you some new techniques I have been working on.

I’ll also be promoting my Tuesday Morning class at Ashram Yoga. All attendees will be offered a FREE class with me and an opportunity to win a prize.

I’ve got a few surprises lined up for this class too – Stay tuned for more details!

email me for any questions

Transformational Power Yoga Flow Foundations Course for Waiheke Island!

8 Jul

I’m thrilled to announce my Transformational Power Yoga Flow Foundations Course for Waiheke Island!

This course is for those who want to get more out of LIFE!

Power through winter, gain more energy, focus, strength, build muscle and lose unwanted kilos with a 4 week course that will teach you a basic 30-40 minute power-flow sequence you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Rocky Bay Hall
Waiheke Island

Thursday 6th of August
Thursday 13th of August
Thursday 20th of August
Thursday 27th of August

6.30pm – 8pm


Let’s face it. It’s hard to get out to a yoga class especially on Waiheke, with kids and family commitments. We all know yoga has the ability to bring incredible benefits to our mind, body and souls, yet one of the biggest challenges lies in developing and maintaining a home practice.

A regular power-flow practice can not only bring more zen into your life, but it can also help tone and detox your body while targeting trouble areas like leg and back tension; it also firms the glutes, core and arms, AND after just 30 – 40 minutes you will break a sweat and feel like you’ve had a decent work out.

I teach a modern style of yoga that blends exercise physiology making it a safer, and sometimes a more comfortable practice! It’s a common sense approach to ancient yoga teachings. Our western bodies are different from typical Indian yoga folk, so we aim to work from the basis of maintaining a neutral spine, and softening other parts of the body until we can build the strength and balance to take the practice further. It’s also about honouring the unique physical make up of each individual, so this practice can be for every-BODY.

It’s time to Move, Breathe & Sweat, and of course HAVE FUN!

[NOTE – It is not essential to have previous yoga experience to participate in this course, but a basic knowledge and understanding of yoga would be of benefit]

What will happen on the course?
Each week we will flow through the sequence to a vibing playlist, then we will use the remainder of the time to workshop each posture with correct alignment, also focusing on transitions in and out of each pose.

I will also include mini lectures on;
What is Power Yoga?
The Bandha – A Deepening of Awareness
Yoga and the Spine – The Control Centre of the Body
Ujjayi – The Breath of Victory (Vinyasa = breath with movement)

Each student will receive;
The Yoga Sequence hand out – In Sanskrit and English translation
A hand out on The Bandhas
A hand out on Yoga & the Spine
A hand out on Ujjayi – The Breath of Victory
A Drop Shadows Yoga Flow Mix Tape from RIA

Course fees $185 per person
A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your space

Get Kitted Out! 

A We’AR Eco Mat, Strap and Block Set for sale at $105  (Must place order before July 30th)

Limited Capacity – Don’t Delay!
Email to secure you place or call Rire on 022 0400 541

The light in me, recognises the light in you,  

Namaste xx

YogaRhythms Winter Promo Video – EarthBeat

23 Jun

Pretty chuffed with our Autumn Promo for Yoga Rhythms. loads of fun putting this together.

“Realise The Self. Liberate The Mind. Dance Your Brains Out”

YogaRhythms – A NZ Based Yoga-Dance Experience By DJ RIA @RireInAction & Kara-Leah Grant @TheYogaLunchBox

Music Credits;
1/ Shiva Invocation-Benjy Wertheimer (Sample)
2/ The Truth, Mr Squatch (Sample)
3/ Alsarah & The Nubatones, Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix)…
4/ Weird Together – The Ava (Free DL –…)
5/ Rhian Sheehan, Part 14 (Standing In Silence) – LOOP Recordings –…

Video By Jason Allan @ DijitalDarkRoom
Filmed at EarthBeat Festival NZ
For bookings –


New – Hour of Power at Parnell

22 Apr

Hi All, Very excited to announce i’ve launched a brand new class.

I’ll be now guiding a 60 minute power flow every Tuesday morning at Ashram Yoga in Parnell 7.15 – 8.15am.

Ashram Yoga Parnell has been around for a long time, traditionally offering Hatha yoga in it’s most pure and authentic form.  They are famous for their Ohui retreat centre and genuinely being the originators of the Auckland Yoga movement. (see more below)

The studio is stunning with a large mandala in the studio, crystals in every corner, the gentle waft of incense bringing a calming aroma to the space and salt lamps bringing extra ambiance.

I’m so honoured they have opened up their doors and their arms for me to offer a power vinyasa class to their timetable! Thank you Tara, Shanti, Atma and the Ashram Team for having me.

RIA FLYER poster

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to teach locally in Parnell. See you there!

Casual $18

Buy a 8 week concession and join me weekly for $122


The beginnings of Ashram Yoga may be traced back to 1980 when Swami Shantimurti Saraswati came to New Zealand to teach yoga. Since those early days, they have worked ceaselessly for the development of yoga both within New Zealand and overseas.  Ashram Yoga’s unique teaching style is based on traditional yoga but also includes the senior instructors’ many years of experience of teaching yoga. They have developed a comprehensive, thorough and effective set of teachings. The range of practices they present are vast and taught from absolute beginners through to becoming an advanced yoga instructor.

They are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance and qualified to teach 500-hour yoga teacher training courses. Ashram Yoga has been conducting teacher training in New Zealand and abroad for over fifteen years.

They also run yoga courses, meditation retreats, advanced teacher trainings and a wide variety of workshops. Yoga is our passion and we love sharing it. Ashram Yoga is a registered charity..

More about Ashram Yoga HERE

Earthly Empowerment

17 Apr

Things have changed for me recently, and in the most gentle, loving and natural way!


Rhiannon is Celtic/ Welsh Goddess of the earth and fertility, of horses and birds and inspiration and moon – sounds a little familiar?


I made the move over to #WaihekeIsland.

It came apparent to me after a big summer being away, touring with #yogaRhythms, and attending conscious festivals every weekend. I had a calling to be closer to nature, to my family and to animals.

I knew that at this point of my life in order to honour my true self, I had be with her (nature) every day, not just day-tripping during the weekends. Life is short. I am 36.  Time doesn’t wait. It felt right to gravitate to a more grounded lifestyle.

This has been a very hard decision, as my man still resides in Auckland. My heart has been torn apart.  I have cried – a lot.. But I knew that this is an important time for us to honour our own individuality and deep love for one another by letting go of our idea of what our relationship should look like.

It’s crazy how things roll. Since we’ve let go, our bond has transformed and blossomed into a new way of relating.  We have re-set our relationship with a new set of values, goals and vision for our future and reconnected on a whole new level, and yes. We are still very much TOGETHER!


My Love Tarnos ❤



Today is a Friday and i’ve had a lot to complete in the home office.

But the difference with living on this island is;

I dropped my love at the ferry this morning after the most gorgeous romantic candle lit dinner with my in the new pad.

Filled up with delicious snuggles, I went for a jog on the beach in the crisp morning air and flowed through some sun salutations before heading up to visit my sister and her 4 kids up on Surfdale hill.

I spent an hour with my 3 month old nephew, holding him while he chuckled and then poo’d. Changing his nappy was messy, and fun – being my first time in a while!

My girlfriend invited me and my twin nieces to spend some time with her horses today at #waihekehorseworx – Oh sweet horses. I love them. I have missed having them close to me for years.

I then rocked it out in the office all afternoon listening to phat beats!


Twin Nieces – Rock my world!


secretly in love with Doofus.


I love the city and it’s energy, people and action, but I have set myself up over the last 5 years to work online and be free from traffic and offices and things like that,  therefore I no longer require the city for full time residence. So this is me for now…

Here on Waiheke, life is a little slower.

I grew up here from 5 – 12 years old, then every summer until i was 16.  I know.

We live on tank water from rainfall, it’s pretty much sacrilege if you don’t run a compost. Fruit trees dish out sweet abundance on the front lawn.  It’s easy to grow greens and herbs, and 3 chickens potter around the lawn and scratch freely around the outskirts of the bush, and my new cat friend Aroha sweetly hangs out adoring the casual affection. The beach is within walking distance, which beckons swims at dusk and early morning yoga flow on low tide in between work times.

To be with Nature is a direct connection to the divine – I feel this!

This move comes in perfect time to honour the lead up to Earth Day!

Shiva Rea one of the worlds most influential goddesses. She is selflessly sharing her knowledge for a free Earth Empowerment Body Mudra Course. Today was day 1. This comes as perfect timing for me to re-wild, simplify, immerse in nature and work hard to create, learn and inspire!

Join the 10 day course! @shivarea108 on Instagram

Follow my progress @rireinaction


“May we realize the power of the abundant energy, breath, life-intelligence, extraordinary force of love within us all” – Shiva Rea


@shivarea108 #flowforchange #yogaforlight


Flash Backs! Le-BANG at Lost Circus 2013

9 Apr

Flash backs!!! Electric vibes working with the stunning We Go Bang Bang at The Lost Circus in Sydney 2013… Feeling the love alright inside a massive sweat box of raving AWESOMENESS

Finding yourself in wild and wonderful situations is no fluke. We create our own reality. This one was no exception. We had an opportunity and we worked it. Such a buzz to perform with the gorgeous and outrageous Bang Bang from the We Go Bang Bang Duo.

We love to RAVE!

Future Movement Radio 12 March.

15 Mar


Radio show is up. Am enjoying the yoga-beats rhythms at the moment due to lots of YogaRhythms gigs. Enjoy my yoga inspired playlist and a chat with Emma Mildon – Modern Day Spiritual PA.



Insurectionary Ecology, Plantrae

Delta, Higher Intelligence Agency

DesertDancer, Nickodemus

Battle, Beats Antique

Wad Alnuba (Captain Planet Remix), Alsarah & The Nubatones

Guajaca, Chancha Via Circuito

Ganesha (Sound the Horn Instrumental), MC Yogi

The Girl From Nowhere, Ursla 1000

Yesterday’s Games, Ave Blaste & Lopez


Inspiration (JPOD remix), 1 Giant Leap

Clarification of Meaning (feat. Souleye), Random Rab

Nuba Noutou (The Spy From Cairo Remix), Alsarah & The Nubatones

Endangered Species, Nickodemus

Why Can’t We Live Together (feat. Petra Philipson), Nickodemus & Osiris

Feather, Little Dragon

Ten Tigers, Bonobo

I Used To Feel Alright (Original Mix), Elijah Collins, Tee-J

Reach Out Richard (Mitzi Remix), Mayer Hawthorne

Changes (Ron Basejam Remix), Alena


Check out Emma at her future speaking gigs:

lululemon Takapuna April 2015

Holistic Expo, OR, USA, October 2015

Sister Soul Sister, Brisbane, AU, November 2015

Wanderlust Festivals 2016 (Including Oahu Hawaii)

The Summer of YogaRhythms

10 Mar

I sometimes have to stop and pinch myself.. It’s been a wicked summer and now we’re GOING ON TOUR!


Linzy ‘The Magic’ Davidson, Kara-Leah Grant and R.I.A @ Splore images by ILM photography AKA Jason Hamon


It all started with myself and the lovely Sarah Jane Perman brain-storming about how we could co-lab, and since we were both making our dusty pilgrimage to the Playa we thought we might as well aim high and kicked off the YogaRhythms thing at Burning Man 2013 (bit of a make shift one I might add! No microphone, and little direction).  Then we thought it would be a great idea to play at Wanderlust One day teaser events, so we created a facebook page, whacked up some artwork and put it out there.  Two Wanderlust events, A mini Auckland tour, a killer halloween show, and 5 festivals later we’ve got some crazy momentum going.

I’m not going to lie. I’m excited about this project. It kneads together my favourite things –  Yoga and music – in a kind-of holy matrimony.

SJ is now a global goddess sharing her art, yoga and spiritual work all over the world. YogaRhythms has morphed into a collective bringing together magical yoga teachers and me, R.I.A on the decks creating and designing, and holding the vibe with the playlist – mixed live of course. I’ve been blessed to be working closely with Kara-Leah Grant (The Yoga LunchBox) & more recently Shian Love (Live Bright Yoga) for Sundaise Festival in recent months.


RIA and Shian Love @ Sundaise


It’s becoming apparent as to what possible the culture of yoga and dance. Yoga and music is not a new thing, but by doing it with intention and thoughtful collaboration we can bring people into a state of ecstasy, oneness and connection using movement and music as our vehicle, without the drugs of traditional dance culture.  We can get to a place where people can let go and free-dance, move and create a space for transformation. I feel this is all part of our universal healing and coming back to our natural state of humanness, letting go of constraints. No judgements. Just Move.

Movement IS Medicine


Image by @tarnosartist

YogaRhythms is not just about yoga + dance, it’s a metaphor for those of us who dare to be different. To stand tall and not shy away, to dress bright to match the rays of light that shine from our heart, to experience true love and joy because this is our true nature – to be wild and free.


Me -Feeling it ! Image by ILM photography AKA Jason Hamon


With this comes a love for the Earth, because as we stand there feeling the vibration of mother nature beneath our dirty festival feet we know she needs us to stand strong for her, to honour her, to treat her with care and to connect into her divine energy.


image by @tarnosartist


Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself and its purpose.

This is why we’re so bloooooooooooown away to work with teeki to help share their vision here in NZ and help them reach more hearts, minds and souls with an experience that connects us to nature with movement and high vibration.

The TEEKI story is one that starts when a young woman had visions of a beautiful earth and a conscious community of lovers that care for the land, our oceans, and each other. What manifested from this vision was Teeki.

DSC_0012 2

Linzy ‘The Magic’ Davidson rocking @glamtats and Teeki


Check out their sustainability vision, passion and purpose here.

So yes.. Did I mention myself and Kara-Leah Grant are going on tour? Yes, that’s right folks. It might just be a mini one, but for us, to be on the road, heading to sunny summer towns in our home-land, doing what we love, is just freaking awesome.




or get involved on the Facebook pages:

The Mount, Sat 14th of March

Gisborne, Sat 21st of March

Keep an eye on to win a wicked prize of Teeki, Books and stuff like that..


Elemental @ Prana @tarnosartist


IMG_1786 1

circle of gratitude @tarnosartist

A talk with Ellie Lawler on Sacred Sexuality & Eden Festival

4 Mar

Thank you to Ellie for approaching me at Prana to help promote the Eden Festival of Conscious Sexuality Self Realization and Embodiment. Was a delight to connect and create this audio.

In this 15 Min Interview you will learn a little about Ellie’s back ground and a small insight into conscious sexuality AKA neo-tantra. But for the real deal, you’ll have to head along to the festival to get all the juicy bits and meet Baba Dez – the man behind the movement.

Eden Festival is;

(5th Annual ISTA Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness)
March 12-15th 2015, Auckland NZ

I am a Sacred Sexuality Priestess, Somatic Sex Educator, and member of the SSEAA (Somatic ,Sex, Educators, Association of Australasia.) Shamanic Healer, Sexological Body worker and International Facilitator.

I began my journey through this work 17 years ago in the UK when I started exploring the field of personal development and questioning what had meaning in my life. My values shifted and changed around what was important to me. I gave up my secure job and home in London to travel the world and finally put down roots in New Zealand.

More here: