First Day Shreding at Grand Montets, Chamonix

10 Dec

Ahhh Yeah, sweet, sweet snowboarding.. After today I am humbly reminded why people flock from all over the world to shred the Northern Hemisphere.  Today was opening day at Le Grand Montets in Chamonix and it was unreal. Fresh pow, bluebird sunshine, and not a breath of wind.  Compared to the notoriously harsh and unpredictable conditions in NZ mountains, it was delightfully calm sunny, warm and oh so pleasant!  It was buzzing with smiling seasonaires amped for the season, yet still relatively un-crowded. We scored gold off piste and the home run was super fun with loads of hits and powder pockets. Feels good to be back!


Loving my new Burton Process V rocker 157.  Built around the demands of filming legend Jussi Oksanen and contest threat Charles Reid, the NEW Process V-Rockerル has shreddingメs full spectrum covered. Just like its cambered cousin, this mid wide machine is at home on all terrain. Upping your stomp-to-slam ratio, rockers between and outside your feet free you from hang-ups, while Frostbite Edges slice and dice bulletproof ice. Set it down without explodingラSmooth Rideル absorbs shock, minimizing fatigue for more control in sketchy situations.

A couple of snaps from today from the good ol i phone4…


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