A-SKILLS in the Le Vert House!

14 Dec

I don’t think it gets much better than this.. I mean really! This could In fact this could be the pinnacle of my DJing career. Yes, that’s right the poster is not a lie.. I am indeed on the same line up as the one like A Skills and Soul Of Man!!!  Those who know me, know that i am staunch advocate of nu-funk music and have been for ages.

It all started back at Field Daze, Sydney Australia in the year 2000 where the Finger Lickin Soundsystem closed new years day with a spectacular set of epic proportions playing on 6 decks across the main stage. It was then and there that i acquired a long lasting addiction to funky breaks… Fast forward to now and I am still a massive fan of the movement.

I last witnessed A-skills at Snow Bombing earlier this year in Austria. His set closed the fancy dress street party with an all-out, hand’s in da aaaaire, funked up affiar! There was carnage on the D floor with people losing them selves to the beats.. Definitely one to remember..

He’s playing at Le Vert on Thursday night along with Soul Of Man, (TOMORROW!).. The place we call our local here in Chamonix.  I am honored, and stoked, and over the bloody moon to be invited to jam on the same decks, let alone have my name on the same poster as the men who initiated a whole movement… Holy sheeeat. AMEN!

Check out what FINGERLICKIN REC’s Is up to.. HERE  http://www.fingerlickin.co.uk/



HOW MUCH: $10 or $19 with  Menu De Jour (sexy new chef and menu! – Boom)

contact: reservations@verthotel.com

Web: http://www.verthotel.com/

See ya there!

Rire xx


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