Funky Transport At Y Bar Chamonix

15 Feb

I have a new residency in Chamonix.

It’s at a little cocktail bar named ‘Y’ on le Rue Paccard run by a gang of awesome girls and one spunky guy.

A bar’s atmosphere is determined by it’s ambiance and decor, but the true spirit of an establishment is the people and Y’s got a great team!

Music wise I’m djing all sorts of stuff traveling through soul to funk to house over to broken beats and back to nu-disco.  So,  if it’s funky it will land in the playlist.

The poster was built from a photo snapped during a photo shoot i did just over a year ago with a very good friend of mine Joe Hammond. It’s been hiding in the hard drive waiting to be used for the perfect occasion.  So here it is crafted into a poster concept by Travers De Porc with extra squiggle effect!

Come and visit for a cocktail and a boogie Saturday nights in Chamonix.

RIA xx


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