11 Nov

I know it’s been a while between posts! I’m sooooo slack, but the good news is that i’m back in NZ, getting settled, and ready to rock..   Welcome to the first one of many monthly mixes to come (well, hopefully!).  I’m super excited on the music I’ve been collecting lately, and have much to share! So stay tuned for updates.

This mix was done in my garage this afternoon on my newly cleaned/tuned turntables, brand new dicers and Control vinyl on Scratch Live while a Thunder storm took over the sky outside.

This is just a small sample of the hotness i’ve been digging lately. For me, its my melting pot of Future-Funk… I took a chunk of funk, added a dose of disco, blended a phat slice of house, then rolled it all together in one big musical reefer.. It’s right here for the smokin’.. Enjoy!  xx R.I.A

Track Listing:
Debonair, Mellow Mellow
LA ROYALE, The Crush
Picture House, Blaxploitation
Alkalino, Ruff N’ Stuff
NINE LIVES, Played In The Shade (original mix)
Canosis, Uptown Steely
Rayko, Getting Down
Deep & Disco, Hitney Whouston
The Owl, Feel Good (original mix)
ANDRE VII, Discoteca Clandestina


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