Loss, Love and Change

12 Feb

Dearest friends,

Well it’s been more than fun this summer. I’ve been honoured and privileged to work and play right across NZ all the while taking the time to connect and spend time with the people that I love in far and distant places. The adventures i have had since returning to NZ have been unreal, not to mention the adventure overseas!

I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the constant love and support I’ve received from friends, family, associates, colleagues all whom have encouraged me to live free, feed me, given me a bed, driven me somewhere, given me a job, biked and snowboarded with me, loved me, Djed and danced with me…

Your generosity overwhelms me and fills me with gratitude for everything that I have, and have experienced in the world, but mostly it’s the relationships world wide I have developed over time that blows me away. I feel so very fortunate to have lived like I have lived.  Today my truck was taken/stolen/vanished, and after pouring my last 2K into it i am forced to be humbled and remember all the amazing things I do have. I loved that truck like an extension of myself, but after a heartbreaking afternoon I know it’s only a car and i’m ready to deal with it responsibly and start again (with hope it will show too)

I live fast, i love deep, and at times have exposed myself as a woman of untidy passions that can over-ride my ability to make careful thought-out decisions as a result of living in a whirl-wind of wild energy.. It’s been one hell of a ride of peaks and troughs, and twists and turns, but an awesome adventure all the same.

The adventure is far from over, but it’s time to re-evaluate how I live and get a new focus to build a future in a positive, sustainable way. I am looking for a good job and a place to call home, from which I can work from and re-create a little nest myself, and my friends and family to visit. This is very exciting for me.

The people i’m feeling warm fuzzies about, and I would like to acknowledge are:

Anthony Moore, Mathias Tollefson, Ajay Morris, Giles Bikford, Leila SuzuKawa, Lach Humphries, Kezia, Andy Hatzitis, Jimbo, Sarah-Jane Perman, Sarah Hall, Hayden Fisher, Ben Jones, Rachel Moore, Chrissy Bray, Amy Bassett, Sam Hudson and Nick Walker, Guy Alty, sister Stella Norman and Jesse, My Dad Allan Norman, My mum Valley and Matt Carpy, Steven Latham,  Eve Robinson, Liv Tapper and ‘Bad dad’ Peter D, Bruce the dog, Danielle Garcia, Gabrielle Sproul and family, James ‘JWC3’, Seth Hamilton, Rachel Morton, Jaz Kapow, Mikee Tucker, Mel McIntyre, Jazz Base, Dan Aux,  Rachel RUBIX Fountain, Will Bagshaw, Jackie Everett and G, Clarence, Joe Uncle, Rowan Leahy, Hish, George Buckmaster, Olmo, Jason Hands, lauren Holman, Benny K, My Bro Isaac, Neil Hawker, Sam Johnson and Volly Army crew, Jonnie Halstead, Jason Putty, Kahu Tuwhare, Si and Antonia, old friends, new friends and so many more..

If I’ve missed you, i’m sorry.. Thank you for your gift of friendship…You have all been so influential in my life and impacted it in a beautiful positive way. love you, bless you, I am one with you, and all that is x


Only Love is Real




4 Responses to “Loss, Love and Change”

  1. Mathias TollefsEn February 12, 2013 at 11:21 am #

    We’re all one! Love you babe!!

    • Rire In Action February 13, 2013 at 2:00 am #

      Miss you Mathias.. Injuries and all you rocked my world x

  2. si clone February 12, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    Love you too Rire! Great post!!

    • Rire In Action February 13, 2013 at 1:59 am #

      SI!! It’s been too long my friend.. Definitely will always remember hangin in Cairns all those years ago causing trouble with the creatures of leisure! Big ups babes x

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