14 May


Episode 2: It All Starts In The Underground…

This episode focus’s on Base FM’s capacity to serve as a cultural incubator that nurtures the sound of the underground.

In this episode we hear from new Liberators; Mara TK & Taay Ninh (Electric Wire Hustle), B.Haru Music (Ladi6 / @Peace), Ladi herself, Art Official & Isreal Starr (Newtown Sound / and more from Dylan C (Base Breakfast / DJ / Programme Director), Isaac Aesili (Funkcommunity / LatinAotearoa) and of course, our master of ceremonies, Slave AKA The Loggy Logg.

You’ll also see a photography montage, thanks to numerous contributors and a couple of cool stills of one of our favorite young acts, The Super Villains.

Lap it up! and don’t forget to share that shit.

Music By:
@peace – Disfunktional
Ladi6 – Dark Brown
Isreal Starr – Foundation
Electric Wire Hustle – They Don’t Want
Funkommunity – The Light


About The Series:
Released in weekly episodes throughout NZ Music Month, The Digital Liberator Series takes an in depth look at our unique culture and history, traversing the past, present and future.

We hear from the artists, players and personalities that have grown up with us. The series will feature our friends, and ‘Liberators’; Ladi6, Parks, Julien Dyne & B.Haru Music (Ladi6 Crew), Tom Scott (Home Brew, @Peace) Mara TK & Taay Ninh (Electric Wire Hustle), Scratch 22, Isaac Aesili (Funkommunity, LatinAotearoa), Mark Williams AKA Mc Slave (Fat Freddy’s Drop/original Breakfast Host), Chip Matthews (current Breakfast Host), King Kapisi (Fugg you Show/Tuesday Drive), Manuel Bundy (original Program Director/Solephonic), Dylan C (current Program Director), Art Official & Isreal Starr (Newtown Sound) and Jasmin ‘Jazz’ Ziedan (Managing Director).

Produced by our friends at Reelgood Productions Digital Liberator Series celebrates BASE FM’s 9-year history while also looking to the future with a push into digital broadcast platforms Freeview CH71, TuneIN APP and online streaming.

Special Thanks to our artists and Icons:
Chip Matthews, Base Breakfast
Isaac Aesili, Funkommunity / LatinAotearoa
King Kapisi, Mr Fugg You / Tuesday Drive
Mark Williams, MC Slave / Fat Freddy’s Drop
Dylan C, Program Director / Base Breakfast
Tom Scott , Home Brew/ @Peace
Mara TK & Taay Ninh, Electric Wire Hustle
DJ Art Official & Israel Starr, Newtown Sound /
Manual Bundy, Original Programme Director  / Solephonic
Ladi6, Parks, Julien Dyne & B.Haru Music, Ladi6 Crew
Scratch 22 & Bridge (Berlin Based!)


Special Thanks to:
REELGOOD Productions

Freeview &  TuneIn App

Additional Footage and Support from:
Jason Naran @ Nektar films
Jason Eli @ Easy Media
Nate and Tom @ Adventure Artists
Sam Moore @ Dopamine
Patrick Shepard Photography
Rire Norman @ Raremusic Productions

All made possible thanks to the AMAZING; Jasmin ‘Jazz’ Ziedan


And more special thanks to; Red Bull, Skullcandy,, Mukuna, ABC Clothing, Freeview, iThink Creative, NZ on Air, and all the Base FM Djs and community. We love you!


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