LOST in Sydney – The Secret Circus Review

25 Nov

We were whisked back in time to THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH – Imagine the Anticipation! Expectation!

1000 beautiful acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, clowns, muscle men, bears in bicycles, ring masters, popcorn ladies and animals amazed each-other and revealed in a multi-sensorym all day orgasum of good times in the land of LOST.

I had heard the rumors, but my expectations were well and truly blown out of the water attending and participating in the THE LOST SECRET CIRCUS.

LE BANG were invited to perform with a last minute booking tearing the roof off the cinema stage for a half hour of power with R.I.A on the decks and Bang Bang working the crowd into a frenzy on the mic.

Here is a photo review Ceri Foster at ARTOF2DESIGNS who has kindly offered me some shots to showcase this incredible experience with you all.

Just imagine – A vintage express train, to a mystery location.. You find yourself at a old train museum, with wild and crazy and sexy  circus characters. You dance your ass off all day, then jump on the train back home for the biggest 10 carriage mobile, hands-in-the-air party disco you could imagine? Well guess what? It happened.

Thank you to LOST BOYS for the most outrageous 10 hours EVER! Love love love! X


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-116LE Bang rocking out!


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-69On the train


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-107The event peaking out


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-109

Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-113


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-117


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-122


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-123Me, RIA!


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-159


Ao2 - Train-68


Ao2 - Train-69Rainbow Rache xx


Ao2 - Train-91


Ao2 - Train-92


Ao2 - Lost Circus Party-40Casual Bear on Train


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