Base Fm’s Boat Party Highlights Vid Is Out!

7 Mar

It’s been a cracker start to the year, and what better summer job can you possibly have than putting on MF’n BOAT PARTIES!??  These events brought some serious sass to Auckland harbour with phat sounds, hot babes, stylee dudes, balmy nights, and tasty Black Robin Gin and tonics on tap!

Been a total treat to work on this project with Jazz and Dils and the Base Family.. You have to sometimes pinch yourself and think – omg – i get paid to create this. #feelinglucky

Here’s the video we produced and the media release i wrote.  One for the time capsule [insert feather into cap] Be a legend and share it.. GO on ❤


MEDIA RELEASE 6th of March 2014

#BASEFMHIGHSEAS Boat Party Highlights Video Release (Summer 2014)

Eric Lau inthemix BaseFmBoatParties

‘One of the best parties I have ever played. I will never forget this’  – Eric Lau.

Rocking on the wake of New Zealand’s’ pinnacle summer month is the release of the #BaseFMHighseas Boat Party Highlights Video.

Let’s face it, there’s something about going on a boat party that leaves you hyped and dancing like a crazy person with a huge grin slapped across your face. Maybe it’s the sun, the people, the flow of crispy cold beverages, or perhaps it’s just the beats. What ever it is – boat parties are it.

It’s been a good start to the year for Base FM.  Two solid Boat Parties sit comfortably under their belt, and much like a good feed, the effects are digesting nicely.

The Boat Parties were such a new and exciting project for us. To work with international artists, labels, promoters and an all-new ‘floating’ venue – it’s inspiring. I still can’t help but smile from ear to ear, just thinking about it – definitely a ‘next level’ concept and production for Base FM. Not just another club show that blurs into the next but something so special that everyone on that boat will remember for the rest of their lives” Jazz Ziedan (Base FM Managing Director)

Hosting international talent was key to create an overall vibe and experience for their guests.  To achieve this Base FM teaming up with Sam Dutch from Grindin (Touring & Management Agency/AUST) to bring a dose of world-class underground beats to Auckland.

“Big shout outs to Base FM! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to end the DJ House Shoes and Eric Lau Australasian tour. It was great to see Auckland in a different way, and give the artists an opportunity to perform outside of their usual club environments, and in front of a musically intelligent crowd”Sam Dutch (Grindin)

The musical line up featured; Eric Lau (UK), Lo Key, Miso Shiru & B_Haru on the 8th of February, and DJ House Shoes (LA), Junior, Dylan C and Milo B on the 22nd of February.  Both events hosted and toasted by Beau Jeffries.

Base FM made sure their international guests made the most of their stay.  They arranged a couple of cool initiatives leaving a lasting impression among New Zealand fans.  They joined forces with Red Bull Studios bringing together Eric Lau and Team Dynamite for an exclusive collaboration. The #SoundSelect Session resulted in the track ‘One Up’. Listen HERE

The good folks over at Serato have uploaded Base FM’s live recording of House Shoes’s Dj set from Boat Party No 2.  Check out it on their Mixcloud page HERE

So what’s next for Base FM? Stay tuned Nationwide: FREEVIEW Ch-71, Worldwide: TUNE IN APP or streaming 24/7 at WWW.BASEFM.CO.NZ

Special thanks to; Crazy Planet Records, Friends In High Places, Red Bull, Serato, Grindin, Black Robin Gin, Blue Duck Vodka, Stoke Beer, Amada Cruises, Converse Jack Purcell & Frontside


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