Two Prong – Pete Tong!

13 Jun

I had a vision for this post while on the dance floor last night and thought its ‘Essential’ to share my Pete Tong story.

About The Title:
I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the Bali power plug is 2 Prong. Lucky for me, I could use all French adaptors – All powered up. So what does 2 Prong, and Pete Tong have in common? Nothing, except they are both electric and I like to play on words. #allgonepetetong the Bali version.

Anyway. Pete Tong is a legend, and it happens to be the 3rd time I’ve see him perform all in fairly unique settings and experiences. I was amused and fairly flabbergasted that some of my peers here in Bali had never heard of this dance music icon.

I was pleased to say that last night he played a set of quality underground bangers. Two of which I Shazammed as they are EPIC – check them out here.

1. pushing on (hawt)

2. Forget – Patrick Topping

Pete Tong Experience 1/
It was the millennium 1999/2000, it was the year of Y2K, some believed that the word would turn into chaos due to a massive melt down of global computer systems and networks. The infamous HOME nightclub had relocated their club to Bondi beach for Mobile Home. It was a cracker. Pete Tong was there supporting Sasha. It was when progressive house / trance ruled. I was very fortunate to have a triple AAA pass as my boyfriend at the time was running all the visuals (shot Neil) I was THAT girl dancing in the dj booth as Pete Tong played to 1000’s of people on the beach. I also rolled him a couple of doobies on request. Anything for you Pete! The night went off and the world didn’t melt down – thanks God!

Pete Tong Experience 2/
I was in San Antonio in Ibiza for the first time visiting my friends Sammy G and Pj. San Antiono is of course famous for loud annoying pons, and its sunset strip. It has bars and clubs such as Cafe del ma and then some. We had settled in for sunset at Mambo cafe and of course Pete Tong was on the bill dropping tunes after sunset. We’d had some mojittos as you do, and I was ready to rock. My mates were feeling mellow and I was feeling mischievous, so I went up to the Dj booth and started to get amongst the action. Of course all the fun was not In front of the dj booth, but in it, so I went round the back an tried to walk in. Security stopped and and asked who I was with. I said back (with confidence) ‘I’m with those guys’ Pointing to the rowdy crowd dancing behind Pete. And he said ‘sure!’ And let me in. Well the rest of history. Free shots and the Glory of Dj groupie worship in the booth. I ended up getting a 2am flight to London that night and ran into a bit of trouble at Heathrow – um… But that is another story!

Pete Tong Experience 3/
Well this was last night. No dj booth hustle, but we did have a moment Pete and I. I wondered if he noticed me up front and centre shazaming the shit out of his set. but when he dropped ‘pushing on’ (as linked above) I threw up the biG ‘T’ sign and he eye balled me straight down the barrel and did the ‘I know, you know’ gesture with his eyes and body language.

Classic. I wonder if he remembered me as a little raver back at Y2k…? Probably not, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine so.

I’m writing this poolside in Desa Seni, Bali on my iPhone. Pretty excited to discover the WordPress App. makes sharing stories so much more accessible. Please excuse the typos.

Love life. #YOLO.






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