Future Movement

Future Movement is a ‘community catalyst’ (Yoga + Events + PR + Health)

We bring together people to express, share, dance, play, learn – whatever – with mindful events, yoga,  health, wellness.

By becoming mindful about what we eat, how we think, and the environment we surround ourselves in, we can transform our health and happiness in dramatic and profound ways.  Future Movement is partner duo ‘Tarnos McNab and Rire Norman’ who share a vision of healing & transformation of communities through art, yoga, music and LOVE.

like most things it starts small and gets bigger and better with age.. Like a nice cheese.. (A healthy one!)

Follow us on facebook,  and join us as we share our journey into health and into the light. We’ll be hosting yoga events and inviting you to participate in our growing community and business opportunities.

It’s easy to be healthy, be youthful, be prosperous and look great – Only Love is Real.

We also represent an amazing products from Zrii. Purchase anything from the range of incredible products from the shop or go that next step further and join the team;


“When you make a choice, you change the future.”
― Deepak Chopra






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