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The Summer of YogaRhythms

10 Mar

I sometimes have to stop and pinch myself.. It’s been a wicked summer and now we’re GOING ON TOUR!


Linzy ‘The Magic’ Davidson, Kara-Leah Grant and R.I.A @ Splore images by ILM photography AKA Jason Hamon


It all started with myself and the lovely Sarah Jane Perman brain-storming about how we could co-lab, and since we were both making our dusty pilgrimage to the Playa we thought we might as well aim high and kicked off the YogaRhythms thing at Burning Man 2013 (bit of a make shift one I might add! No microphone, and little direction).  Then we thought it would be a great idea to play at Wanderlust One day teaser events, so we created a facebook page, whacked up some artwork and put it out there.  Two Wanderlust events, A mini Auckland tour, a killer halloween show, and 5 festivals later we’ve got some crazy momentum going.

I’m not going to lie. I’m excited about this project. It kneads together my favourite things –  Yoga and music – in a kind-of holy matrimony.

SJ is now a global goddess sharing her art, yoga and spiritual work all over the world. YogaRhythms has morphed into a collective bringing together magical yoga teachers and me, R.I.A on the decks creating and designing, and holding the vibe with the playlist – mixed live of course. I’ve been blessed to be working closely with Kara-Leah Grant (The Yoga LunchBox) & more recently Shian Love (Live Bright Yoga) for Sundaise Festival in recent months.


RIA and Shian Love @ Sundaise


It’s becoming apparent as to what possible the culture of yoga and dance. Yoga and music is not a new thing, but by doing it with intention and thoughtful collaboration we can bring people into a state of ecstasy, oneness and connection using movement and music as our vehicle, without the drugs of traditional dance culture.  We can get to a place where people can let go and free-dance, move and create a space for transformation. I feel this is all part of our universal healing and coming back to our natural state of humanness, letting go of constraints. No judgements. Just Move.

Movement IS Medicine


Image by @tarnosartist http://www.tarnos.co.nz

YogaRhythms is not just about yoga + dance, it’s a metaphor for those of us who dare to be different. To stand tall and not shy away, to dress bright to match the rays of light that shine from our heart, to experience true love and joy because this is our true nature – to be wild and free.


Me -Feeling it ! Image by ILM photography AKA Jason Hamon


With this comes a love for the Earth, because as we stand there feeling the vibration of mother nature beneath our dirty festival feet we know she needs us to stand strong for her, to honour her, to treat her with care and to connect into her divine energy.


image by @tarnosartist http://www.tarnos.co.nz


Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself and its purpose.

This is why we’re so bloooooooooooown away to work with teeki to help share their vision here in NZ and help them reach more hearts, minds and souls with an experience that connects us to nature with movement and high vibration.

The TEEKI story is one that starts when a young woman had visions of a beautiful earth and a conscious community of lovers that care for the land, our oceans, and each other. What manifested from this vision was Teeki.

DSC_0012 2

Linzy ‘The Magic’ Davidson rocking @glamtats and Teeki


Check out their sustainability vision, passion and purpose here.

So yes.. Did I mention myself and Kara-Leah Grant are going on tour? Yes, that’s right folks. It might just be a mini one, but for us, to be on the road, heading to sunny summer towns in our home-land, doing what we love, is just freaking awesome.




or get involved on the Facebook pages:

The Mount, Sat 14th of March

Gisborne, Sat 21st of March

Keep an eye on https://www.facebook.com/yogarhythmstribe to win a wicked prize of Teeki, Books and stuff like that..


Elemental @ Prana @tarnosartist http://www.tarnos.co.nz


IMG_1786 1

circle of gratitude @tarnosartist http://www.tarnosartist.co.nz


15 Jan

Happy New Year Everyone,

Here’s a mix I did for my homies so they could warm up in style for NYE.

It’s a (spontaneously recorded) jam of new, deep G-house tunes, mixed in the sunshine overlooking the lake in Wankaka getting warm for the Rhythm and Alps Festival 29th Dec 2014. Fun, Fun. Turn It Up!

Hit the link for a Free Down Load.





Dirty (Original Mix), Stefano Amalfi, Robbie Groove
Bounce (Original Mix), Korova Club
Dangerous Thoughts (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix), S-Man
Jump Up (Original Mix), Sharam Jey, Daniel Fernandes
Bel-Air (Original Mix), Boogie Vice
The Salmon Dance (The Beatangers & Boogie Vice Remix), The Chemical Brothers
What’s That Sound (Original Mix), The Beatangers
Move Your Hips (Original Mix), Sonic Future
Less Bounce, Elijah Collins
Venom (Original Mix), Matt Fear
Finally (feat. Diva Vocal) (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) Saccao, West.K
Give Me Light (Original Mix), Zaki, Saison
The Power! (Original Mix), Rob Made
Games (Original Mix), Infinity Ink


Prana Unplugged for Elemental

7 Mar

last weekend we went to Elemental @ PRANA. I have been so intrigued about this place –  A magical piece of land on the Coromandel Peninsular flanking the barreling waves of Opoutere beach

Over 20 years of inspiring New Years Feastval celebrations, the land has become a mecca for the creatively conscious, environmentally mindful and any playful explorer keen to connect with kindred souls.   Year after year friends come back from Prana raving about it. The land is established, cultured, colourful and full of character. I’m usually off being a busy Dj / event person over this period, so this is one place i was craving to experience.

It just so happened that my neighbour in Piha, come flatmate, come good friend, Daniel Vasku married the daughter of Mr Prana himself, the beautiful Maya. They spent half their life in Holland, and now call NZ home, living close to the land making the cogs turn with fresh energy, ideas and worldly inspiration.

They invited me to headline ELEMENTAL, which is a much more laid back, smaller event focusing on a ‘let it flow’ approach. A lucky few (like me) are invited to come along and trade their skill or service in exchange for a pass and meals. Tickets are also sold, and there’s a number of woofers on site who work in harmony to keep everything rolling.

ELEMENTAL is about ‘unplugging’ and getting back to nature. The original vision was to invite musicians to jam with an open mic policy (hense ‘unplugged’).  I interpret it different. For me it’s a metaphor for getting off the grid. No phone reception = no phone or computer to suck you into the spider web of cyber intensity. You’re free to be present to natures beauty and human-connectedness.

We were given the grand pu-bah of marquees to call home. It was bright yellow like a gold palace and sat at the top of the campground.  We felt very royal indeed! With only 200 people on site, it created the coolest, intimate atmosphere in a camping paradise! There were no ques for (the super, amazing composting) loos, the home cooked meals, and dragonfire pizza, kids running-a-muck, and a lady even brought her chickens in her house bus! It felt like home.

There were a number of low key workshops; ARIAL YOGA, ACRO YOGA, CYCOTRON, ESTATIC DANCE, and we brought the heat to the dance-floor at night.

My partners in crime were; Dan C (Abundance) and kale.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt an electric synergy between the Djs and crowd alike. Dan, Kale and I have a similar taste in music and style and were able to take the dancers on a wild ride! I love to play music in general, but playing to this crowd blew my heart right open with love for them.  They danced so hard, and with not not a drop of alcohol. For hours.  On Saturday night around 3am, their legs collapsed and they continued to dance on the floor until they were a squirming mess of hot sweaty, beautiful bodies.

We connected with old friends, and met loads of new ones. There’s also those you see around a few times with hugs and high 5’s, but ow we’ll be friends for life.  I can’t wait to share more amazing experiences with these gorgeous humans.

Being at Prana feels like we’re living as real human beings” – Dan C

No dancing footage unfortunately! Maybe Vasku has some we can share later…VASKU? But, for now here’s a vid from ma man’ Jsun and the VOPERTRONZ. Omg –  a world-class act – freakin’ incredible!! You get the vibe??

And a photo review. THANK YOU PRANA!! We love you xx ❤

Summer (lands) with Opiuo & R.I.A on support!

9 Dec

I’m a big fan. Always have been since Robo Booty banged squelchy bass goodness on my ear drums back in 2011.

I have met him a few times, but last saw him at Burning Man, where we had traveled the length of the Playa to see him perform live in the Opulent Temple. He’s a sick DJ with some mad production skills and I can’t believe it, but I get to warm up for him in Queenstown at LOCOs on the 28th of December!!

Opiuo touches down down for a two intimate shows in Central Otago as part of the Summerlands warm up party starters, in lead up to the big one day festival on the banks of Lake Hawea on the 2nd of Jan featuring a killer line up of international Djs, beat makers and MCs including; DUB FX • ALIX PEREZ • HOLLIE SMITH • THE UPBEATS feat. ARMANNI REIGN • AHORIBUZZ • K+LAB LIVE feat. ANALOG MC & GUEST • TALI • TREI • BORDERLINE • NAME UL • SUMMER THIEVES feat. MAX DAD E • LITTLE MASSIVE • BONETRADERS LIVE • DIRTY OL’ KNIGHTS • THE DON • TITTS MAGEE VS RYTHMATIX • FRACTURE • CHICCORELLI • CAMO MC • STATIC • WALLY • TWEQ • SPILLY • STEVIE G • C:SHE • HOSTED BY TALI & MAX DAD E • MONKWHY (Projection Mapping) • JASON CLARK (N.Z #1 Mixologist)

Here’s a sweet Free DL from the Man Himself:


OPIUO – Friday 27th, Mint Bar – Wanaka
TIX – http://www.dashtickets.co.nz/event/bq0z3nsjh
GIG -https://www.facebook.com/events/581236168599793/

S.P.Y – Saturday 28th, Mint Bar – Wanaka
TIX – http://www.dashtickets.co.nz/event/53jyz01mw
GIG -https://www.facebook.com/events/561482580588530/

OPIUO – Saturday 28th, Loco Queenstown  FEAT ME ‘RIA!!!’
TIX – http://www.dashtickets.co.nz/event/71fkzsjnc
GIG -https://www.facebook.com/events/172139442978779/

NU:LOGIC – Sunday 29th, Loco – Queenstown
TIX – http://www.dashtickets.co.nz/event/68h2v9rxp

Summer Warm Ups Timelines