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Earthly Empowerment

17 Apr

Things have changed for me recently, and in the most gentle, loving and natural way!


Rhiannon is Celtic/ Welsh Goddess of the earth and fertility, of horses and birds and inspiration and moon – sounds a little familiar?


I made the move over to #WaihekeIsland.

It came apparent to me after a big summer being away, touring with #yogaRhythms, and attending conscious festivals every weekend. I had a calling to be closer to nature, to my family and to animals.

I knew that at this point of my life in order to honour my true self, I had be with her (nature) every day, not just day-tripping during the weekends. Life is short. I am 36.  Time doesn’t wait. It felt right to gravitate to a more grounded lifestyle.

This has been a very hard decision, as my man still resides in Auckland. My heart has been torn apart.  I have cried – a lot.. But I knew that this is an important time for us to honour our own individuality and deep love for one another by letting go of our idea of what our relationship should look like.

It’s crazy how things roll. Since we’ve let go, our bond has transformed and blossomed into a new way of relating.  We have re-set our relationship with a new set of values, goals and vision for our future and reconnected on a whole new level, and yes. We are still very much TOGETHER!


My Love Tarnos ❤



Today is a Friday and i’ve had a lot to complete in the home office.

But the difference with living on this island is;

I dropped my love at the ferry this morning after the most gorgeous romantic candle lit dinner with my in the new pad.

Filled up with delicious snuggles, I went for a jog on the beach in the crisp morning air and flowed through some sun salutations before heading up to visit my sister and her 4 kids up on Surfdale hill.

I spent an hour with my 3 month old nephew, holding him while he chuckled and then poo’d. Changing his nappy was messy, and fun – being my first time in a while!

My girlfriend invited me and my twin nieces to spend some time with her horses today at #waihekehorseworx – Oh sweet horses. I love them. I have missed having them close to me for years.

I then rocked it out in the office all afternoon listening to phat beats!


Twin Nieces – Rock my world!


secretly in love with Doofus.


I love the city and it’s energy, people and action, but I have set myself up over the last 5 years to work online and be free from traffic and offices and things like that,  therefore I no longer require the city for full time residence. So this is me for now…

Here on Waiheke, life is a little slower.

I grew up here from 5 – 12 years old, then every summer until i was 16.  I know.

We live on tank water from rainfall, it’s pretty much sacrilege if you don’t run a compost. Fruit trees dish out sweet abundance on the front lawn.  It’s easy to grow greens and herbs, and 3 chickens potter around the lawn and scratch freely around the outskirts of the bush, and my new cat friend Aroha sweetly hangs out adoring the casual affection. The beach is within walking distance, which beckons swims at dusk and early morning yoga flow on low tide in between work times.

To be with Nature is a direct connection to the divine – I feel this!

This move comes in perfect time to honour the lead up to Earth Day!

Shiva Rea one of the worlds most influential goddesses. She is selflessly sharing her knowledge for a free Earth Empowerment Body Mudra Course. Today was day 1. This comes as perfect timing for me to re-wild, simplify, immerse in nature and work hard to create, learn and inspire!

Join the 10 day course! @shivarea108 on Instagram

Follow my progress @rireinaction


“May we realize the power of the abundant energy, breath, life-intelligence, extraordinary force of love within us all” – Shiva Rea


@shivarea108 #flowforchange #yogaforlight



15 Jan

Happy New Year Everyone,

Here’s a mix I did for my homies so they could warm up in style for NYE.

It’s a (spontaneously recorded) jam of new, deep G-house tunes, mixed in the sunshine overlooking the lake in Wankaka getting warm for the Rhythm and Alps Festival 29th Dec 2014. Fun, Fun. Turn It Up!

Hit the link for a Free Down Load.





Dirty (Original Mix), Stefano Amalfi, Robbie Groove
Bounce (Original Mix), Korova Club
Dangerous Thoughts (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix), S-Man
Jump Up (Original Mix), Sharam Jey, Daniel Fernandes
Bel-Air (Original Mix), Boogie Vice
The Salmon Dance (The Beatangers & Boogie Vice Remix), The Chemical Brothers
What’s That Sound (Original Mix), The Beatangers
Move Your Hips (Original Mix), Sonic Future
Less Bounce, Elijah Collins
Venom (Original Mix), Matt Fear
Finally (feat. Diva Vocal) (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) Saccao, West.K
Give Me Light (Original Mix), Zaki, Saison
The Power! (Original Mix), Rob Made
Games (Original Mix), Infinity Ink


Zrii Life (Raw Fusion Presentation)

30 Nov

Today I did a wee presentation on Zrii today.

It was fun putting it together, and since loads of people are keen to know more, here’s my presentation in one tidy blog. MASSIVE thanks to Teeki and Raw Yoga for instigating the most awesome day!

first things first;


Hi everyone, I’m going to talk to you about ZRII.

They are a range of products that allow us to teach others about health and introduce them to the whole context of Ayurveda.

The word Ayrureda means the ‘Science of Life’, but this is not just physical health, it’s emotional wellbeing, wellbeing in relationships, social interactions, economic wellbeing, all of these things are part of the experience that we called health. Deepak Chopra says that ‘Health is wholeness’, True health is a return to the memory of wholeness.

What is Zrii? 

Zrii officially launched in May 2008 as an international Ayurvedic wellness company founded by multi-billionaire Bill Farley, and the world renowned & respected Deepak Chopra.

Zrii is a Sanskrit word that means lightlustersplendor and prosperity, and sets a high standard for who we are and our dedication to health its self. Cool aye?

The formula of Zrii health products originate in the 5,000-year-old wisdom of Ayurveda and give you far more than just antioxidants. The synergistic blend of each natural ingredient is specifically chosen to complement the Amalaki fruit, one of the core health foundations in Ayurveda. The products also hold the most prestigious endorsement in the industry— an endorsement from the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

Zrii ~ The Product range

  • Purify – all natural total cleanse and weight-loss system
  • Zrii – The Original Amalaki – daily Ayurvedic liquid nutrition for abundant living
  • Achieve – meal-replacement supplement
  • Accell – helps optimize your body’s natural metabolic function
  • Rise – High Performance, Antioxidant rich coffee
  • Nutritionals – Super effective nutritionals – AM’s + PMs + Omegas.

Today we’re going to be touching on 3 products; More Info On the whole product range HERE

1/ ZRII – The Original Amalaki

Known in tradition as ‘The Great Rejuvenator’

One of the most important and potent herb in the whole Ayurveda family of herbs.

The nutritional Components of this fruit are spectacular. The antioxidant effect. It serves as an adaptogen, which modifies the body response to stress.

It comes from the base of the Himalayan Mountains. It’s organically harvested and wild crafted and handled with care.

It has a blend of botanical’s that creates a phenomenal liquid delivery system, carefully blended together to enhance the potency of the amalaki fruit it’s self. Together the create an experience of balance of wisdom which is more than is just the bio chemicals present. Together they are potent and this is what the combination of Zrii is all about it. It is literally designed to nourishes the vitality of body.

The core botanicals are; Amalaki – aka ‘The Nurse for Humanity’, Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi, Jujube. Haritaki & Schizandra.

From a scientific perspective, ‘Zrii – The Original Amalaki Antioxidant and Anti aging liquid Nutritional’ is most famous for its ability to balance out the blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, help with any kind of body pain and bring its working systems into balance.

It works right from a ‘cellular level’ through the’ mitochondria of the cell’ and allows more oxygen to reach the blood/cells which enhances the healing process especially with damaged tissues or any inflammation found.


For more info and to purchase product go to futuremovement.shopzrii.com



Introducing Zrii Rise™ high performance coffee – infused with extra antioxidants and two unique, all-natural wellness ingredients to elevate your energy and transform your health.  Zrii Rise Coffee Made from Amalaki and Green Coffee Beans.

Why Zrii Rise™ High Performance Coffee?
Most modern diets do not supply optimal amounts of antioxidants. Although coffee is a potentially rich source, roasting destroys about 90% of naturally occurring antioxidants in coffee beans. In contrast, Zrii Rise™ provides more beneficial antioxidants than most people consume daily from fruits and vegetables combined! Plus a host of total-body benefits including digestive, immune, and cellular health support.

How is this made?
They use 100% Colombian arabica coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. These world-renowned, premium-quality beans are medium roasted for smooth balance, and then freeze concentrated to preserve the glorious flavor and aroma you expect from a premium cup of coffee. We use a special freeze concentrate process on our arabica coffee beans to lock in the rich flavor and heavenly aroma you look for in a premium cup of coffee. And we spare no expense: it takes over two-and-a-half pounds of coffee to create just one pound of concentrated coffee for our product.

MORE Energy and Alertness
A boost of antioxidants from high-quality green coffee extract helps increase energy and stamina while protecting your body against free radical damage. Natural caffeine boosts energy while uplifting your mood.*

MORE Fat Burning Power
Green coffee bean extract helps reduce unhealthy body fat because chlorogenic acid, a beneficial polyphenol found naturally in green coffee beans, signals the liver to burn more fat and also helps regulate blood sugar levels.*
Zrii incorporates the rare, prized superfruit amalaki in our Zrii Rise™ coffee to enhance your overall health..  Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal helps support the rights and well-being of farm workers, the conservation of natural resources, and the protection of wildlife and the environment. So you can feel good about what goes into our product – and into your cup.

Yr not just drinking a cup of coffee, your drinking to your own health and wellbeing. To a leaner, cleaner, you!


For more info and purchase head to futuremovement.shopzrii.com


This is my favourite. This is a product for those who want to get more out of their day and more out of life!!!

Accell is a convenient on-the-go vitality and weight management product that is simple, portable and practical. Optimizing your body’s natural metabolic function, Accell allows for accelerated caloric burn rates, key to effective weight management and mental clarity.

For a quick, safe, balanced pick-me-up, the Accell is a phenomenal healthy option. Accell will replace a coffee or other beverage that is relied on for its energy content while not having to deal with harmful stimulants and won’t make you crash later. Accell has 135mg of green tea extract which provides a great boost of energy to get you going. This combined with the benefits of natural B-vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and organic greens, Accell ensures just the right amount of boost without harmful side effects.

Nutrient Dense
Low Glycemic
All Natural
Stimulant and Preservative Free
And it kicks your ass all the way you to BETTER!

Once you try – you will never go back. Get on the good stuff. Can also be used as an awesome pre work out, study tool, or alcohol-free alternative for partying!

For more info and or to purchase head to futuremovement.shopzrii.com

Talk to me about being a preferred customer and how you can get your monthly order for FREE.

Snaps from RAW FUSION – 100% Pure Vibes

 – How it all began and WHY ZRII??!!


As you know I have recently renewed my commitment to clean eating, (even though I have been vegetarian since birth and have always been mindful about what goes into my body) – My new vision is to create freedom in Business and Adventure in LIFE.

My DJ & contracting career has always sustained my lifestyle, but i’ve been looking for BETTER – A  way to create a residual income so I can continue to enjoy life to the fullest, travel more, and get onto following my yoga career without worrying about where my next $$ is coming from.

I have for some time dreamed about creating good online income streams that will allow me to travel and support and work in my communities world wide while spending a smaller amount of time doing the work, in the way of the “4 Hour Work Week” book by Tim Ferris describes.

It’s no secret that love community and bringing people together, and what is also clear,  is that I want to do this with my friends, and that in setting myself free I can work with others so that we can achieve freedom and prosperity together.

So guess what?

You can be a ZRII Independent Executive just like me.  Imagine a life with more energy, more focus, more mental clarity, while enjoying a RESIDUAL INCOME, that’s right. Money for sharing that LOVE.

I am using the products and have had great results myself (loads of energy, focus, emotional stability) and the business promises good rewards for people who put in the effort – in 2 months i have already cleared $2,800 – Which is not bad for choosing to share the joy of being healthy!

It has only recently launched in New Zealand and Australia, so anyone who gets involved at this stage on the ground floor will benefit greatly from future growth through the Asia-Pacific region, given that the company has chosen NZ as it’s base for expansion into the area.

There is already an existing team with exceptional support in place for anyone who joins and of course I will work with you to create your own plan for success in this business. Yes, it is MLM. No, you don’t need to “bug” your friends about it! email me for the prosperity plan – hello@futuremovement.co.nz

It does however involve making a 90-day commitment to healthy eating, and developing a new business with us.

See All The Products On My Personal Shop (you will get one of these too!) : https://futuremovement.shopzrii.com/info/prod_home

The Opportunity – Summary: http://zriiresources.s3.amazonaws.com/pdf/Prosperity_Summary.pdf

The Opportunity – In Detail: http://zriiresources.s3.amazonaws.com/pdf/Zrii_Prosperity_Plan.pdf

Sign up here: http://futuremovement.myzriipro.com/join

The cost to get started is anywhere from: $150 – $1500, talk to me about the best option for you

Pros: Once you have signed up 2 people, which you should aim to do in the first month, you can relax and as the business grows you will reap the rewards, resulting in a gradually increasing residual income you can spend on either Zrii products, to keep building the business (samples and gifts!) or withdraw to your bank account. BUT, the more people you personally enrol, the more earning potential you have. There’s incredible rewards for those that  show initiative and work hard.

Cons: You will need to put in some effort to get results for yourself through the 90-day health commitment, learning about and using the products and presenting the opportunity to at least 3-4 people per week. In the first month, this will require a time investment of 10 hours per week minimum to be successful.

Please get in touch and let’s schedule a meeting if you want to know more – We can then come up with a game plan for our shared success.

I’d be thrilled to work with you – let’s do this!
Remember, the business is a win win opportunity as this is just launching in NZ and Dr DeePak Chopra not only endorsed Zrii products he had a major hand in creating them and overseeing the process – first time in History he’s ever put his name on a 3rd Party product!

All these products are 100% Clean ! Meaning 100% natural with no preservatives no fillers and no synthetics of any kind it’s a no wonder this company is poised to be the next billion $ brand

– Zrii is using NZ and Oz as a Hub into the Pacific Rim !  If you want an fantastic ‘real’ opportunity here it is – let me show you how easy it is to become a business partner and create a residual income off just sharing these products – I’ve been waiting my whole life for this to come along
Remember how I said get them on the 90 day program so they can see for themselves ? That’s a great way to move forward even if you don’t get them as IE’s at least they get the benefits of the products – “See for yourself ” these products work !

But the best endorsement is ME because I LOVE THEM. I know you will too. Peace and love.

Get in touch. hello@futuremovement.co.nz


Prana Unplugged for Elemental

7 Mar

last weekend we went to Elemental @ PRANA. I have been so intrigued about this place –  A magical piece of land on the Coromandel Peninsular flanking the barreling waves of Opoutere beach

Over 20 years of inspiring New Years Feastval celebrations, the land has become a mecca for the creatively conscious, environmentally mindful and any playful explorer keen to connect with kindred souls.   Year after year friends come back from Prana raving about it. The land is established, cultured, colourful and full of character. I’m usually off being a busy Dj / event person over this period, so this is one place i was craving to experience.

It just so happened that my neighbour in Piha, come flatmate, come good friend, Daniel Vasku married the daughter of Mr Prana himself, the beautiful Maya. They spent half their life in Holland, and now call NZ home, living close to the land making the cogs turn with fresh energy, ideas and worldly inspiration.

They invited me to headline ELEMENTAL, which is a much more laid back, smaller event focusing on a ‘let it flow’ approach. A lucky few (like me) are invited to come along and trade their skill or service in exchange for a pass and meals. Tickets are also sold, and there’s a number of woofers on site who work in harmony to keep everything rolling.

ELEMENTAL is about ‘unplugging’ and getting back to nature. The original vision was to invite musicians to jam with an open mic policy (hense ‘unplugged’).  I interpret it different. For me it’s a metaphor for getting off the grid. No phone reception = no phone or computer to suck you into the spider web of cyber intensity. You’re free to be present to natures beauty and human-connectedness.

We were given the grand pu-bah of marquees to call home. It was bright yellow like a gold palace and sat at the top of the campground.  We felt very royal indeed! With only 200 people on site, it created the coolest, intimate atmosphere in a camping paradise! There were no ques for (the super, amazing composting) loos, the home cooked meals, and dragonfire pizza, kids running-a-muck, and a lady even brought her chickens in her house bus! It felt like home.

There were a number of low key workshops; ARIAL YOGA, ACRO YOGA, CYCOTRON, ESTATIC DANCE, and we brought the heat to the dance-floor at night.

My partners in crime were; Dan C (Abundance) and kale.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt an electric synergy between the Djs and crowd alike. Dan, Kale and I have a similar taste in music and style and were able to take the dancers on a wild ride! I love to play music in general, but playing to this crowd blew my heart right open with love for them.  They danced so hard, and with not not a drop of alcohol. For hours.  On Saturday night around 3am, their legs collapsed and they continued to dance on the floor until they were a squirming mess of hot sweaty, beautiful bodies.

We connected with old friends, and met loads of new ones. There’s also those you see around a few times with hugs and high 5’s, but ow we’ll be friends for life.  I can’t wait to share more amazing experiences with these gorgeous humans.

Being at Prana feels like we’re living as real human beings” – Dan C

No dancing footage unfortunately! Maybe Vasku has some we can share later…VASKU? But, for now here’s a vid from ma man’ Jsun and the VOPERTRONZ. Omg –  a world-class act – freakin’ incredible!! You get the vibe??

And a photo review. THANK YOU PRANA!! We love you xx ❤

Base Fm’s Boat Party Highlights Vid Is Out!

7 Mar

It’s been a cracker start to the year, and what better summer job can you possibly have than putting on MF’n BOAT PARTIES!??  These events brought some serious sass to Auckland harbour with phat sounds, hot babes, stylee dudes, balmy nights, and tasty Black Robin Gin and tonics on tap!

Been a total treat to work on this project with Jazz and Dils and the Base Family.. You have to sometimes pinch yourself and think – omg – i get paid to create this. #feelinglucky

Here’s the video we produced and the media release i wrote.  One for the time capsule [insert feather into cap] Be a legend and share it.. GO on ❤


MEDIA RELEASE 6th of March 2014

#BASEFMHIGHSEAS Boat Party Highlights Video Release (Summer 2014)

Eric Lau inthemix BaseFmBoatParties

‘One of the best parties I have ever played. I will never forget this’  – Eric Lau.

Rocking on the wake of New Zealand’s’ pinnacle summer month is the release of the #BaseFMHighseas Boat Party Highlights Video.

Let’s face it, there’s something about going on a boat party that leaves you hyped and dancing like a crazy person with a huge grin slapped across your face. Maybe it’s the sun, the people, the flow of crispy cold beverages, or perhaps it’s just the beats. What ever it is – boat parties are it.

It’s been a good start to the year for Base FM.  Two solid Boat Parties sit comfortably under their belt, and much like a good feed, the effects are digesting nicely.

The Boat Parties were such a new and exciting project for us. To work with international artists, labels, promoters and an all-new ‘floating’ venue – it’s inspiring. I still can’t help but smile from ear to ear, just thinking about it – definitely a ‘next level’ concept and production for Base FM. Not just another club show that blurs into the next but something so special that everyone on that boat will remember for the rest of their lives” Jazz Ziedan (Base FM Managing Director)

Hosting international talent was key to create an overall vibe and experience for their guests.  To achieve this Base FM teaming up with Sam Dutch from Grindin (Touring & Management Agency/AUST) to bring a dose of world-class underground beats to Auckland.

“Big shout outs to Base FM! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to end the DJ House Shoes and Eric Lau Australasian tour. It was great to see Auckland in a different way, and give the artists an opportunity to perform outside of their usual club environments, and in front of a musically intelligent crowd”Sam Dutch (Grindin)

The musical line up featured; Eric Lau (UK), Lo Key, Miso Shiru & B_Haru on the 8th of February, and DJ House Shoes (LA), Junior, Dylan C and Milo B on the 22nd of February.  Both events hosted and toasted by Beau Jeffries.

Base FM made sure their international guests made the most of their stay.  They arranged a couple of cool initiatives leaving a lasting impression among New Zealand fans.  They joined forces with Red Bull Studios bringing together Eric Lau and Team Dynamite for an exclusive collaboration. The #SoundSelect Session resulted in the track ‘One Up’. Listen HERE

The good folks over at Serato have uploaded Base FM’s live recording of House Shoes’s Dj set from Boat Party No 2.  Check out it on their Mixcloud page HERE

So what’s next for Base FM? Stay tuned Nationwide: FREEVIEW Ch-71, Worldwide: TUNE IN APP or streaming 24/7 at WWW.BASEFM.CO.NZ

Special thanks to; Crazy Planet Records, Friends In High Places, Red Bull, Serato, Grindin, Black Robin Gin, Blue Duck Vodka, Stoke Beer, Amada Cruises, Converse Jack Purcell & Frontside

Base FM Digital Liberation Ep 1. How It All Began…

13 May


Released in weekly episodes throughout NZ Music Month, The Digital Liberator Series takes an in depth look at our unique culture and history, traversing the past, present and future.

We hear from the artists, players and personalities that have grown up with us. The series will feature our friends, and ‘Liberators’; Ladi6, Parks, Julien Dyne & B.Haru Music (Ladi6 Crew), Tom Scott (Home Brew, @Peace) Mara TK & Taay Ninh (Electric Wire Hustle), Scratch 22, Isaac Aesili (Funkommunity, LatinAotearoa), Mark Williams AKA Mc Slave (Fat Freddy’s Drop/original Breakfast Host), Chip Matthews (current Breakfast Host), King Kapisi (Fugg You Show/Tuesday Drive), Manuel Bundy (original Program Director/Solephonic), Dylan C (current Program Director), Art Official & Israel Starr (Newtown Sound) and Jasmin ‘Jazz’ Ziedan (Managing Director).

Produced by our friends at Reelgood Productions Digital Liberator Series celebrates BASE FM’s 9-year history while also looking to the future with a push into digital broadcast platforms Freeview CH71, TuneIN APP and online streaming.

Music By:
DLT ft Che Fu — Chains (Remix)
Solephonic — Jazzybizz
Ben Jamin” — ▲●▲■ (L O V E)

Special Thanks to our artists and Icons:
Chip Matthews, Base Breakfast
Isaac Aesili, Funkommunity / LatinAotearoa
King Kapisi, Mr Fugg You / Tuesday Drive
Mark Williams, MC Slave / Fat Freddy’s Drop
Dylan C, Program Director / Base Breakfast
Tom Scott , Home Brew/ @Peace
Mara TK & Taay Ninh, Electric Wire Hustle
DJ Art Official & Israel Starr, Newtown Sound / niceup.org.nz
Manuel Bundy, Original Programme Director  / Solephonic
Ladi6, Parks, Julien Dyne & B.Haru Music, Ladi6 Crew
Scratch 22 & Bridge (Berlin Based!)


Special Thanks to:
REELGOOD Productions

Freeview &  TuneIn App

Additional Footage and Support from:
Jason Naran @ Nektar films
Jason Eli @ Easy Media
Nate and Tom @ Adventure Artists
Sam Moore @ Dopamine
Patrick Shepard Photography
Rire Norman @ Raremusic Productions

All made possible thanks to the AMAZING; Jasmin ‘Jazz’ Ziedan


And more special thanks to; Red Bull, Skullcandy, Vice.com, Mukuna, ABC Clothing, Freeview, iThink Creative, NZ on Air, and all the Base FM Djs and community. We heart you x

Rhythm and Alps – Musical Elite in NZ’s Southern Land

23 Dec

Rhythm and Alps Music Festival, New Zealand, 28-29 December 2012

The 2nd annual Rhythm and Alps festival, younger sibling and South Island arm of big brother Rhythm and Vines, is gearing up to take Canterbury by storm.

Held in the picturesque plains of Terrace Down’s Alpine Resort at the base of Mt Hutt, the 2012 festival will present more than 50 prolific acts, both local and international across three zones as well as an array of interactive onsite activities. The music is set to impress and inspire with a killer line up of vanguard performers.

Exclusive to Rhythm and Alps and headlining this year’s event is the mysterious and masked SBTRKT LIVE (UK). They created a surge among hipsters world-wide after releasing ‘WildFire Feat. Little Dragon’ in May 2011. SBTRKT’s equally infectious second single, ‘Pharaohs feat. Roses Gabor’, was closely followed by trend-setting music blogs, music press and a torrent of new fans around the world. Their self-titled debut release on the YoungTurks label (who also signed The XX) brings the post dub-step sound to life, as SBTRKT weave a tapestry of contemporary bass music with astonishing ease.


SBTRKT – Masked Music

The UK’s hottest new property, fresh from a hectic 2012 touring schedule, are garage-house duo DISCLOSURE, consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence.  Their single ‘Latch’ launched them into the UK charts in early 2012, and more recently a free-download of ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure remix)’ by Artful Dodger arrived just in time to get Kiwis into a frenzy, anticipating their tour.

Disclosure Duo - Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence

Disclosure Duo – Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence

The one to watch this year is surprise, standout act Flume. Who recently toppled UK super group One Direction off the number 1 spot on the Aussie itunes chart, no small feat for a 21-year-old beatmaker from Sydney. Catch him headlining the Rhythm Room, December 28th.


FLUME – Australia’s Musical Golden Child

There are different types of genius out there–those that can create something new in an exciting and innovative way, and those who can take something pre-existing, and perfect it. Belgian producer Boris Daenen, aka: Netsky is the latter. Coming to NZ for the first time with his LIVE act, brace yourself for his mind blowing live performance.


Netsky coming downunder with his Live act for the first time

Other top internationals have their itineraries locked for Canterbury, including; HIGH CONTRAST, CAMO & KROOKED, LOGISTICS, S.P.Y, MC WREC, CHALI 2NA. (Jurassic 5), GAS LAMP KILLER, DJ YODA, UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA, OPIUO, HERMITUDE, SPEKTRUM and TRIPSWITCH.


If you wanna know what Rhythm and Alps sounds like with all these artists mashed together, take a listen to kev Fresh’s unofficial DJ mix


For more information on festival survival, how to get there and what else is happening on site,  check out www.rhythmandalps.co.nz

New on LOOP – Believe the Hype!

30 Nov

LOOP is by far my favorite label in NZ. With well over 55 releases they have morphed over the years from traditional label right through to innovative events company and boutique agency.  2013 is gonna be epic for these guys with some seriously dope releases on the horizon, but first here’s some seriously nice singles to power you down the  home straight of 2012.

Eavesdrop “Clear Water (ft. Keshia)”

After releasing a string of well-received singles, remixes and two EPs, Dave ‘Eavesdrop’ Wood is set to make a defiant and anticipated return with his debut LP, “Pins & Needles” – dropping March 2013 on LOOP.   The lush first single taken from the album, ‘Clear Water (ft Keshia)’ marks the first of a string of Eavesdrop singles.  Impressive vocal talent, Keshia, is new on the scene and shot and starred in the ‘Clear Water’ video, set in Japan.

Grab a free download here: https://www.facebook.com/eavesdropnz/app_220150904689418

Impressive vocal talent, Keshia, is new on the scene and shot and starred in the ‘Clear Water’ video, set in Japan.

Yes King “Overproof”

After the stonking debut release of ‘Rock This World’ on LOOP in 2008 Yes King makes a welcome return with their sophomore LP – ‘Re-Record Not Fade Away’.

“Overproof” the first single taken from the album features the sultry vocals by Mel Uye-Parker and comes with a bag of remixes by Sola Rosa, Eavesdrop and Joe Revell. Plus there is a second version (riddum) of the song “Raise Up” featuring Kenny Knotts. ‘Re-Record Not Fade Away’ LP out on LOOP & BBE early 2013

Check out Yes King’s Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/YeskingRecords


Kong Fooey, “Let it Go” ft. Maitreya & Madame Butterfly

When not training for the Boston Marathon, this mysterious act has been making waves fatter and rounder than the Mt Albert Wave Pool. Addicted to beats and good times, KONG FOOEY will have you getting down and dancing to a fine array of fresh produce sprinkled with fat classics. Pure hype generated from a percussion mastermind, a hype man and MC Maitreya.

Check out his Kong Fooey Ft. Maitreya & Madame Butterfly

You can download the mp3 version from SoundCloud here as part of the “Sounds On Sampler”

Kong Fooey is going to be performing at the Sounds On Festival on the 23rd of March.  The line up is insane, featu. The Black Seeds, Home Brew, Katchafire, David Dallas, TrinityRoots, AHoriBuzz, Tahuna Breaks, Tiki Taane (Acoustic Set), DJ Sir-Vere Ft. Che Fu, PNC & K One, Dan Aux & Tali and Kong Fooey ft. Maitreya.

Limited earlybird tickets only $45 from GrabOne now: http://grabone.co.nz/auckland/lucky-events-2

Saturday 23rd March – The Oval, North Harbour Stadium
For more info see http://www.soundson.net