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Transformational Power Yoga Flow Foundations Course for Waiheke Island!

8 Jul

I’m thrilled to announce my Transformational Power Yoga Flow Foundations Course for Waiheke Island!

This course is for those who want to get more out of LIFE!

Power through winter, gain more energy, focus, strength, build muscle and lose unwanted kilos with a 4 week course that will teach you a basic 30-40 minute power-flow sequence you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Rocky Bay Hall
Waiheke Island

Thursday 6th of August
Thursday 13th of August
Thursday 20th of August
Thursday 27th of August

6.30pm – 8pm


Let’s face it. It’s hard to get out to a yoga class especially on Waiheke, with kids and family commitments. We all know yoga has the ability to bring incredible benefits to our mind, body and souls, yet one of the biggest challenges lies in developing and maintaining a home practice.

A regular power-flow practice can not only bring more zen into your life, but it can also help tone and detox your body while targeting trouble areas like leg and back tension; it also firms the glutes, core and arms, AND after just 30 – 40 minutes you will break a sweat and feel like you’ve had a decent work out.

I teach a modern style of yoga that blends exercise physiology making it a safer, and sometimes a more comfortable practice! It’s a common sense approach to ancient yoga teachings. Our western bodies are different from typical Indian yoga folk, so we aim to work from the basis of maintaining a neutral spine, and softening other parts of the body until we can build the strength and balance to take the practice further. It’s also about honouring the unique physical make up of each individual, so this practice can be for every-BODY.

It’s time to Move, Breathe & Sweat, and of course HAVE FUN!

[NOTE – It is not essential to have previous yoga experience to participate in this course, but a basic knowledge and understanding of yoga would be of benefit]

What will happen on the course?
Each week we will flow through the sequence to a vibing playlist, then we will use the remainder of the time to workshop each posture with correct alignment, also focusing on transitions in and out of each pose.

I will also include mini lectures on;
What is Power Yoga?
The Bandha – A Deepening of Awareness
Yoga and the Spine – The Control Centre of the Body
Ujjayi – The Breath of Victory (Vinyasa = breath with movement)

Each student will receive;
The Yoga Sequence hand out – In Sanskrit and English translation
A hand out on The Bandhas
A hand out on Yoga & the Spine
A hand out on Ujjayi – The Breath of Victory
A Drop Shadows Yoga Flow Mix Tape from RIA

Course fees $185 per person
A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your space

Get Kitted Out! 

A We’AR Eco Mat, Strap and Block Set for sale at $105  (Must place order before July 30th)

Limited Capacity – Don’t Delay!
Email connect@rireinaction.com to secure you place or call Rire on 022 0400 541

The light in me, recognises the light in you,  

Namaste xx

Flash Backs! Le-BANG at Lost Circus 2013

9 Apr

Flash backs!!! Electric vibes working with the stunning We Go Bang Bang at The Lost Circus in Sydney 2013… Feeling the love alright inside a massive sweat box of raving AWESOMENESS

Finding yourself in wild and wonderful situations is no fluke. We create our own reality. This one was no exception. We had an opportunity and we worked it. Such a buzz to perform with the gorgeous and outrageous Bang Bang from the We Go Bang Bang Duo.

We love to RAVE!

YogaRhythms (Wildlings) – The Music

13 Dec

I have no idea why this took so long.. Perhaps because good things take time. Like a fine wine stored for the perfect occasion. There’s no particular occasion in this case EXCEPT – there is no time like the present!  Considering it’s coming up to Christmas and all, here’s our gift to you.

This is a re-recorded mix from; YogaRhythms – Wildlings (R.I.A & Kara Leah Grant)[A Hallowen YogaTranceDance Experience] done live on 2 turntables with Serato Scratch Live.

The YogaRhythms Experience is an all encompassing, interactive, fun fusion of yoga with world-driven beats, for a guided journey through connectedness, radical self-expression, movement and unity.

YogaRhythms is a New Zealand Based Interactive Yoga Dance Collective. Yoga and dance are one and the same – breath-led movement designed to free our souls.

What you hear in this recording is a collection of tracks that were carefully sourced to create a high-vibe, 100% clean energy yoga-dance experience led by Kara-Leah Grant (The Yoga LunchBox), and musically directed by me, R.I.A

Wildlings – Relive the vibes -#expressyourself


Track Listing: 

Shiva Invocation, Benjy Wertheimer

Shadows Around The Corner, Koan

The Truth, Mr Squatch

Desert Dancer, Nickodemus

African Heart, Angel Tears

Pranyamystic, Shamans Dream

Moonlit Horizon (Drumspyder Mix), Desert Dwellers

Afronaut, 10 Shamans Dream

Bailando (Bobby C Sound TV Remix), Empresarios

Dirty Bouka, Shakta

Kumbh Mela (Living Light Remix), Desert Dwellers

Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness

YogaRhythms NZ Promotional Video Spring 2014 Has Landed

12 Nov

If you couldn’t make it along to the Wildings Halloween Event, here is the video and photo review. Video shot on the 31st of October in Grey Lynn, by Jen @ ClairObscur. We’re thrilled to be finally releasing this to the WORLD to show you what we do!

The YogaRhythms Experience is an all encompassing, interactive, fun fusion of yoga with world-driven beats, for a guided journey through connectedness, radical self-expression, movement and unity. YogaRhythms is a New Zealand Based Interactive Yoga Dance Collective.  Yoga and dance are one and the same – breath-led movement designed to free our souls.

What you see in this video is a high-vibe, 100% clean energy yoga-dance experience led by Kara-Leah Grant, and musically directed by yours truly.



Video Edit by: Jennifer Raoult @ Clairobscur (www.clairobscur.co.nz)
Music By; (in order) Shiva Invocation-Benjy Wertheimer, The Truth-Mr Squatch, Nickodemus -Desert Dancer, Shamans Dream-Afronaut

DJ & Director: R.I.A (www.rireinaction.com)
Yoga Teacher & Yoga Trance Dance Leader: Kara-Leah Grant (www.theyogalunchbox.co.nz)
Performance by: ZUZU (www.facebook.com/ZUZU.collective)
Set Design: Tarnos (www.tarnos.co.nz)

Special loving thanks to:
We’ar Yoga and LifeStyle Wear (www.wearyogaclothing.com)
The Yoga LunchBox (yoga media for the modern yogi http://www.theyogalunchbox.co.nz)
Zrii ACCELL – Triple Metabolic Natural Booster (www.futuremovement.shopzrii.com)
Helana McAlpine -Face-Paint Designs ❤
Alison Brewer Photography
RaminKrause.com Photography
Jodine Stodart @ Subtropica

Rebekah Taylor @ Rise Creative


What the people had to say….

“It was such a divine experience. It was the perfect harmony of Yoga, Dance, Rhythm, Movement, Breath and Flow. The amazing Kara-Leah Grant took us on a journey where you were able to completely let go of the outside world and blissfully melt into the present moment – energy flowing through the body and upwards – connected to Self, connected to each other, connected to the Earth, on an all natural high, collectively pulsing and vibing to the raddest tribal beats and tunes by the music Goddess Le Rire . I loved every moment and left totally buzzing and filled with Prana ♡”  – Rebecca White

“WOW what an incredibly freeing and wild experience we had Friday night at the Grey lynn community centre. Tribal bass , yoga and dancing are a few of my favourite things and to have them combined and facilitated by the beautiful powerhouse that is Karah-Leah Grant was just plain epic! Our energies were soaring afterward – full frothing! xxx” – Tara Cornelia

“What can I say apart from Wow!! It was just a great harmony between yoga, dance and flow!! It made me feel so alive, by the end of it I was buzzing naturally!! What I loved so much was how we were just practicing great yoga lead by Kara-Leah and then it just flowed into beautiful dance with epic music from RIA… ( really amazing tunes ). The transition of yoga to dance flowed so smoothly I didn’t know I was actually already dancing and really feeling the music!!
Thanks so much.,,, I really loved the vibe and can’t wait for more!! I’m totally hooked!!” – Laurie Flint

“I have to say – practicing yoga to music is a divine experience, especially when the selection has been made by someone who knows what they are doing. It was that much easier to let go of the outside world and melt into the breath, the moment, the body, the rhythm. As the energy spiralled up and up toward the peak of ecstatic movement, flinging ourselves around while maintaining connection to the earth and to each other, was a new kind of high that I haven’t experienced before. I am well-versed in losing myself to music, to my body – but Kara-Leah led us down a path that was entirely fresh – the key was in the connection. We danced while looking each other in the eyes. We moved outward and inward, and it felt beyond good to be so loose and wild while pulsing only to the inner fire – no other stimulants necessary (we-ell, except for the complementary glass of ayurvedic go-go juice handed out at the start).
My face hurt from grinning so hard. My body was sparked up with a healthy dose of prana. I left on a total high, and even thinking back on it gives me a buzz.
Thanks once again, you two sparkling beauties, for inviting us in and leading us along such a vivid journey.” Hannah Schenter


Photo Review From; RAMINKRAUSE.com







We were blessed to meet Ramin Krause, who is not only an exceptional photographer, but he’s also an entrepreneurial traveler currently moving around NZ, sleeping in a hammock and documenting his journey along the way. He was so keen on Wildlings, he hitched in from out west, and rocked up to the gig with a giant pack and camera in hand. He also joined us on our adventure to Waiheke. Ramin Krause, born 1994, is a photographer from Cologne, Germany that currently lives with Hippies in New Zealand.

Check out his incredible work HERE. Thank you Noodles!

VOIIAGE is a crowd funding campaign that will see him hitchhike all the way back to Germany, doing his unique style of multimedia blogging along the way. VIEW HERE

YOGARHYTHMS Experience coming to SPLORE Festival 21 & 22nd of February, and SUNDAIZE 5th -6th of March – Don’t miss out!  Keen an eye on the Yogarhythms Facebook for more experiences.

For bookings contact: hello@futuremovment.co.nz

Peace and love and dancing and YOGA4LIFE


Future Movement Radio May 15

16 May

Another radio show from Meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Love my weekly shred on the Base Fm airways, Thursday’s 12-2PM NZtime.


base fm BNW



Track List:

Dynamo Productions    Man in the Moon
Aeroplane, We Can’t Fly (Theory re-edit)
All City, Make it Hot
BRATLEY – Craig, Birdshell (6th Borough Project Shell Toe mix)
Flow Dynamics, Up In The Party – Original Mix
Kinny, Queen Of Boredness (Feat. Diesler)
Latinaotearoa    Som Da Cuica
MUSHROOMS PROJECT, 16823 (Mudd remix)
Sorceress, Te_Kano
SHANTISAN feat MICHELINE CARDOSO, Que Nego E Esse (Timewarp Inc remix)
The Electric, We Rollin
Rabo & Snob, Camel Filter
FUTURE FEELINGS, Africa (original mix)
RAYKO, Camel Rider
KC & The Sunshine Band, I get lifted (Cilly & Pilly Edit)
Canosis, BreakaDisco
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, Power Of Funk
The Nomad, Bok Out Feat. Lotek