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Yoga Teacher – WHAT?

24 Mar

Ok everyone, this is a very scary, but VERY cool announcement; After my 12 year love affair with Yoga, i have finally been inspired (and kicked up the ass) to take this incredible art form and way of life to the next level.

Wanderlust Festival has been a huge contributing factor, as well as all the incredible people I have met through the experience.  I’m about to embark on a 3 month training program with Power Living Australia – It’s official, i just paid the deposit!

This will be a life changing journey that will take me – Urr um …. God knows where, but I know it will amazing! I’m excited, scared and nervous like crazy…

I knew the Year Of The Unicorn has some magical things in store, but I never thought that this would be me, and so soon! Sometimes if you get thrown a ball you just have to run with it…! In this case it’s a rose quartz heart stone that I’m clinging onto for dear life!

It all started with a quick chat at the Power Living Australia tent at Wanderlust Festival Melbourne, followed by a couple of encouraging phone calls with the lovely Justine Hamill in NZ who singed me up! Then, Duncan gave me his book on Sunday  – There’s no backing down now.

This couldn’t be possible without the amazing love and support from my beautiful partner Tarnos and my Mum who’s generously lent me some cash. Go mum!  Love you guys so much. Thank you for taking a punt with me. I promise I will be great xxx ❤ And thank you Universe!