Join Me On the mat for a powerful flow session!

Monday Mornings 7am, REVIVE VINYASA Abundance Yoga on Queen Street

Tuesday Morning 7.15am, EM-POWER-ME  Ashram Yoga, Parnell,

  • $18 Casual
  • $122 Concession Card (8 sessions)
  • $61 Concession Card (4 sessions)

Tuesday Evenings  5.30pm, HOT POWER Abundance Yoga on Queen Street

Wednesday mornings 7am, REVIVE VINYASA Abundance Yoga on Queen Street



Power through winter, gain more energy, focus, strength, build muscle and lose unwanted kilos with a 4 week course that will teach you a basic 30-40 minute power-flow sequence you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Rocky Bay Hall
Waiheke Island

Thursday 6th of August
Thursday 13th of August
Thursday 20th of August
Thursday 27th of August

6.30pm – 8pm | $185.00 

email for more info and inquiries 


A Bio Thang;

Rire began her yoga journey in 1998 when she travelled to Byron Bay as a curious teen on a one way ticket. There she was inspired by the mystic nature of Byron and it’s inhabitants and started to take a regular Ashtanga class.  Due to an up-bringing intrenched in nature on Waiheke Island with naughty ponies and no-shoes on, she’s always held a deeper inquiry about life and what it all means!  After living in Australia for close to 7  years, and a 3 year stint traveling extensively around Europe, Rire has finally called NZ home.  Yoga offers her the opportunity to follow her heart and assist others in a path of personal transformation. Even if it’s the most subtlest of ways, like a skip in their step or a smile on their dial, though mindful movement and breath work we can reach greater understanding of our authentic self and arrive at a stronger place to serve others.  Yoga is her dharma. She comes brimming with passion, enthusiasm and a hot playlist!

Rire is trained in the art of Modern Yoga with Power Living Australia and is a fan of a strong vinyasa practice. In her class you can expect a vibrant flow with encouraging alignment cues that offer safety and challenge to her students.


One of my favorite yogi’s is the amazing Mark Witwell. He says ‘Do Your Yoga’. I love this. It’s a simple phrase, yet has much relevance to the art of yoga. It’s easy to become indifferent to our practice and put off coming to the mat for whatever reason we invent in our minds. The commitment to our practice, not matter what the results is finding ‘abyasa’.

Yoga is the divine discovery of self-awareness. When we practice, we begin to unearth the human heart creating a conscious shift in how we engage with the world, from what we eat to every day recreation.

We practice to make progress in our spiritual life and tame our restless thoughts. We practice because It gives us the opportunity to act in accordance with our highest good and train to make the best choices even when it’s hard.

Yoga has the ability to change your life in a radical way.




Express Your Self!


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