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HILUX LOVE (Archiving My Story)

15 Apr




Sometimes we do things that we know are wrong, but we do them anyway.

Instead of our logic stepping in, that little voice inside our head pipes up and chants, ‘she’ll be right mate!’ Then you go ahead and stride into something a little risky.

It’s a voice of confidence that seems to automatically override a usual, sensible decision-making process and drives us right into a game of chance to dance with fire like a glorified zombie.

If you’ve ever played with fire, then you know it can be interesting, exhilarating and dangerous.  You keep dancing cause it’s fun, and you’ve been dancing all night and you still no harm has come to you. You start to get comfortable with the fire as it seduces you into some kind of false camaraderie. But then, when you least expect it, you get burnt.

This is a metaphor for all those little things we do with a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude that can go completely tits up and you’re left standing exposed, ripped-off and burnt wondering what the fuck happened.

Yep, that happened to me.

I grew up in a bush community on Waiheke Island and spent much of my childhood running around naked with no shoes, climbing trees and riding ponies.  Our cars had no doors (at times) and definitely no warrant of fitness! We had a long drop for a toilet and we never, ever locked our house. Once our house got broken into,  but it wasn’t your usual break and enter.  The only thing they took was the marmite and some crackers. They ate them on the side of the hill, and left the remnants for us to clean up. It was a bit creepy knowing someone had been in our house, but it got shrugged off as kids passing through the property looking for a feed. And they were forgiven.

I’ve spent a lifetime being extremely trustworthy towards mankind and general risky situations.  Always having faith that things will work out for me if I believed and had trust. I have been blessed with some of the most incredible experiences and also some lucky escapes, but it’s this naivety that throws curve balls out of the blue, that can sometimes be impossible to catch.

I had a hi-lux Surf. I bought it with my X boyfriend 6 years ago after both of us fantasized about owning one for most of our adult lives. I can’t believe how incredible it was to own this machine. A big beefy piece of steel, rubber and grease, that was all ours.  It was nothing flash, but everything about it was mint in an old school kind of way.  I acquired the truck in our break up and over the years following have worked hard to keep it perfectly serviced and cared for.  Weather it was biking, hiking, towing, off roading, camping, snowboarding, working or city living, this is the kind of vehicle that gave me the freedom to live free.


It always started, it always provided. I always said I would own it until it’s last rev.

But, as you do sometimes, we get complacent and that little voice pipes up with the ‘She’ll be right’ chant and we go ahead and do something stupid.

In this case I left my car on the side of the road at the Christchuch airport with no steering lock, alarm, insurance or any anti-theft devise for that matter that would have otherwise protected my truck,  one of the very few personal assets i own.

I wouldn’t think in my wildest dreams I would become the next target for an organized crime syndicate of hi-lux thieves.

When I got off the plane and hiked to the location I parked it with my giant bag.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I did not see it. I squinted, rubbed them, and looked again. I rang my mum and asked if she had moved it, then rang the police to see if it had been towed. Both answers were ‘no’… My world actually caved in at that point and I wallowed in despair. How could this happen? Why me? Not the lux! Please god..? But yes.. It was gone.

Not only had I been robbed of the non-human love of my life, but this truck has meant everything to me. It’s is my livelyhood, my house, my storage, my stereo, my lounge, my people mover, my trailer tower, my friend.  And to add salt to the wound of my loss, I cleaned out my bank account with the last $2,000 i had on repairs, rego and warrant of fitness only a week prior to it’s disappearance.

I filed a police report, rang wreckers, rang the press – urging them for a story, rang every taxi company in chch, went on blogs, forums and sites, researched, posted and shared and still no luck finding it. And I don’t think i will. I’m led to believe that through my research and discussions with various sources and people it’s been ripped apart and raped of it’s parts.

I had mine insured for years before-hand, but canceled it due only 6 months ago due to being overseas and it sitting around at mums waiting for my return.

So here I am; truckless, cashless and severely burnt thanks to that annoying little voice that gave me security and confidence. The thing is you always know better. Your intuition screams louder than that voice and comes from your gut. You know that you shouldn’t but sometimes you just uncontrollably step into a dance with chance and risk the scolding.

This incident as a valuable lesson and campaign to us all to protect our selves better from situations that we cannot control. Get insurance for the things you love and can not afford to replace, and protect yourself and your family from shit that can go wrong.

And when I get new wheels, I vow to brand it with ‘LOVE’ to signify the love and generosity of human beings, and through that love, and the projection of love and forgiveness we can aim to make the world a better place.



According to Detective Senior Sargent, Corrie Parnell from Christchurch’s Volume Crime Team (who specialise in car theft) admits, “Clearly there is a big problem, and we’re working hard at putting extra resources into catching these crooks. There is no doubt that 4×4 theft as escalated in Christchurch.”

Steeling cars is not about joyriding anymore, it’s a big business and a small group of highly skilled professional car thieves are cashing in.

Subaru’s used to be the most stolen car in NZ. But now an increase of 4×4 theft ranging from vehicles built between 1990 – 2005 are hot targets and keeping police on their toes.  Nissans Terano’s are on top of the list, closely followed by Toyota hi-lux Surfs.

Snr Sargent Parnell claims that half of all 4×4 theft in NZ happens in Canterbury and this has a lot to do with 16% of all Hi-Lux Surfs in NZ live in Christchurch due to large farming and trade industries. He also said, “due to the high amount of hi-luxs on the road and their ‘run forever’ reputation the supply and demand as gone through the roof. Being a hi-lux fan myself, i can see this first hand. They are a hot commodity”.

You could say that there are so many of these trucks on the road and it’s easily replaceable, but think again.  People are holding onto their hi-lux’s.  In 2007 when we bought ours there was 100’s for sale on Trade Me, now there’s as little as 5 surfs right across the country for less than 6K.

Snr Sargent Parnell claims that in the last fortnight, 8 4×4’s have been stolen from Christchurch airport. 4 Nissan Terano’s, 2 Mitsubishi’s, and 2 Toyota hi lux’s (one being mine!).  He explained that 2 years ago they used to recover 69% of all stolen vehicles, and in the last 12 months the are finding that most stolen 4×4’s are disappearing completely and not recovered at all.

He explained that just last week they miraculously found a 4×4 when the owner actually identified his stolen car with different plates and features.   Thieves do what police refer to as a ‘rebirthing’ ie: giving a car a new identity. They remove the car’s firewall and plates and replace it seamlessly with that of another ‘non-stolen’ vehicle for a legitimate sale.  Snr Sargent Parnell claims. “The recovered 4×4 was the best rebirthing job he’d seen. These crooks no what they are doing”

It’s believed that the big crooks take orders for specific vehicles and contact their local thieves to carry out the acquisition of the particular vehicles being sought.  4×4’s are being stolen from car parking buildings, outside of people’s houses, and even driveways – can you believe it?

Snr Sargent Parnell also said, “It’s got to the point where the operation is that polished, if you blink you’ll miss it”.  They have the skill to steel these trucks in record time and have learned the majority don’t have immobilisers or alarms and are easy to break into due to their age.

According to  In Canterbury alone, as of the 14th of Feb 2013 11 hi-luxs have been stolen since new years day.  That is 1 a week!

Read the Article in CHCH STAR


Detective Snr Sargent Parnell claims they are working very closely with the Christchurch Airport, Insurance companies and are investigating wreckers and parts dealers and any suspicious dealers, and are putting extra patrol around car theft hot spots, such as the Airport.

“We’re relying on the public to speak up theft and urge people to contact Crime Stoppers if they hear or see anything suspicious.“ says Sargent Parnell. “There’s a lot of people out there that know stuff and hold onto information,  and we ask these people to speak out”

He also explains that publicity is a very important factor in preventing this problem getting worse.

If you have a car, truck or 4×4 that you care about, spend a little money and time on it and invest in an alarm, a steering lock and an immobiliser.  A couple of deterrents could save your truck from being dissected by these slimy low life scumbag thieves.

But as it’s been proven, if they really want your car, they will steel it.

NZ POLICE – How to Protect your stuff!

Also, if you hear of anything Suspicious – Call CRIME STOPPERS 0800 555 111

A few good points here as well about protecting your car.



So my truck got stolen, so i’m doing a fundraiser to get another.   I figure that if all the people I know if the world donates me a couple of bucks, then I can get back on the road and back on my feet in no time. I’m doing an online fundraiser as well as a live gig.

All online donations over $5 will get a free roadtrip mixtape!!



SOUL FOOD (Acoustic)

Beat Street Cafe,  324 Barbados Street, Christchurch

Entry $10 door sales which includes a complementary delicious Taco and drink combo

LOVE to see you there



My Surf YJ3682 / MISSING – I loved my Lux like you wouldn’t believe.

Sydney DJ Excursion This April!

12 Apr

RIA Poster _02

Really excited to come home and visit my beautiful Sydney friends this April.

Also excited I have the honor of dropping tunes at while i’m there!

Can’t wait xxx

Thursday 18th of April / IManifestal, Ambush Gallery – (all girl line up!) Kali, Gabby, R.I.A., Sam Francisco, Ray Ray

Friday 19th April / The Lounge Cafe, 8-12PM – FUNK MUSIC! (ghetto, old skool, nu-skool, disco)

Saturday 20th April / The Beach Road Hotel (Purple Sneakers) , 10-12PM – ElectoFunkBreakbeatboogietunes!

Sunday 21st of April / The Corner House w/ Uncle Joe, Bondi, 3pm – It’s a mash up mon!