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2013 – Upon Reflection


Upon reflection it’s been an interesting year, and my most challenging yet. I started and ended the year inside the walls of the public health system in rather unpleasant ways (which seems an odd occurrence considering I had never been unfortunate enough to enter hospital walls in my life thus far!). I also had my beloved Hilux stolen, never to be seen again with ‘0’ insurance stripping me bare of my freedom, finances and pride leaving me broken-hearted and forced to let everything go and start over. I also fell in love, fucked it up, got chronically sick in America and took 5 weeks of detox to recover, chopped my finger off with an axe and lost an a contract ending the year in unemployment.  The truth is, I’ve been surviving.

Although I look at life with love, abundance and positivity, I’m glad to see the back of 2013!

It’s also been one of the most rewarding; There were some great creative achievements taking up projects at Base FM, a power-stint at DarkHorse learning a stack of knowledge in the field of activations and events, an inspirational 5 week detox, a move to Piha, a trip to the States and Australia reconnecting with my Burning Man family learning the power of manifestation, the art of letting go, remembering to harness a passion for life no matter what it throws at you, and re-connecting to a love for humanity in all it’s weird and wonderful ways.

I’ve also had breakthroughs with my first passion – music. I’ve started for the first time, perhaps ever, take it seriously and look at the true potential DJing and getting all the ducks in line to progress. The funny thing is that, I have been performing, and making a living around the world as a DJ, but never realised the power I had to inspire and influence people with music.  I’m good at it. I’ve made sacrifices work-wise to follow my heart, which feels risky when you don’t know where the rent’s coming from next, but there’s something to be said about trusting and believing.  It has a miraculous way of working its self out.

After being on the move for a few years, 2013 has felt a little disjointed, and has gone against the grain of my hard working Capricorn nature and commitment ethics. I adore projects, plans and routines at the core, but have allowed the last few years and 2013 to be in flow, using my intuition as a guide. A break from conformity if you will, and perhaps never will go back to that model as I see so much potential in making a living remotely. I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ve used this time to restructure my values around social life, work life, and started to think long-term goals (shock horror!) yes, long term!  Am pleased I didn’t rush into big decisions, relationships or living arrangements, as nothing has felt perfect as yet, but now the new year is here.. I’m getting ready to make some power moves.

Massive love to my nearest and dearest friends and family who have showed me love and kindness, support, friendship, given advice, taken me in, given me food, and stuck by when when the going was tough.  Especially my mum and my dad who are dramatically different, but are equal pillars of strength in my life and my biggest fans! Dad has also taught me the number one rule to life and what it means “ONLY LOVE IS REAL AND DOESN’T HAVE AN EQUAL OR OPPOSITE”
In 2014 I will:  Study a form of Digital Media, create a successful business, get really good at yoga and work towards yoga teacher training, push R.I.A Dj and PLAY DJS to next level, learn some Abelton skills, travel to Bali to do yoga and/or maybe India with my mum, move into a house, do a permaculture course, continue to learn about personal health and nutrition, commit significantly to support a dynamic NGO organisation in the realm of sustainability, fall in love, get a tattoo, make art, be courageous, inspirational and a leader among my peers!

2014 – I’m ready for you.

I am Wild At Heart

I am Wild At Heart