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Transformational Power Yoga Flow Foundations Course for Waiheke Island!

8 Jul

I’m thrilled to announce my Transformational Power Yoga Flow Foundations Course for Waiheke Island!

This course is for those who want to get more out of LIFE!

Power through winter, gain more energy, focus, strength, build muscle and lose unwanted kilos with a 4 week course that will teach you a basic 30-40 minute power-flow sequence you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Rocky Bay Hall
Waiheke Island

Thursday 6th of August
Thursday 13th of August
Thursday 20th of August
Thursday 27th of August

6.30pm – 8pm


Let’s face it. It’s hard to get out to a yoga class especially on Waiheke, with kids and family commitments. We all know yoga has the ability to bring incredible benefits to our mind, body and souls, yet one of the biggest challenges lies in developing and maintaining a home practice.

A regular power-flow practice can not only bring more zen into your life, but it can also help tone and detox your body while targeting trouble areas like leg and back tension; it also firms the glutes, core and arms, AND after just 30 – 40 minutes you will break a sweat and feel like you’ve had a decent work out.

I teach a modern style of yoga that blends exercise physiology making it a safer, and sometimes a more comfortable practice! It’s a common sense approach to ancient yoga teachings. Our western bodies are different from typical Indian yoga folk, so we aim to work from the basis of maintaining a neutral spine, and softening other parts of the body until we can build the strength and balance to take the practice further. It’s also about honouring the unique physical make up of each individual, so this practice can be for every-BODY.

It’s time to Move, Breathe & Sweat, and of course HAVE FUN!

[NOTE – It is not essential to have previous yoga experience to participate in this course, but a basic knowledge and understanding of yoga would be of benefit]

What will happen on the course?
Each week we will flow through the sequence to a vibing playlist, then we will use the remainder of the time to workshop each posture with correct alignment, also focusing on transitions in and out of each pose.

I will also include mini lectures on;
What is Power Yoga?
The Bandha – A Deepening of Awareness
Yoga and the Spine – The Control Centre of the Body
Ujjayi – The Breath of Victory (Vinyasa = breath with movement)

Each student will receive;
The Yoga Sequence hand out – In Sanskrit and English translation
A hand out on The Bandhas
A hand out on Yoga & the Spine
A hand out on Ujjayi – The Breath of Victory
A Drop Shadows Yoga Flow Mix Tape from RIA

Course fees $185 per person
A deposit of $100 is required to confirm your space

Get Kitted Out! 

A We’AR Eco Mat, Strap and Block Set for sale at $105  (Must place order before July 30th)

Limited Capacity – Don’t Delay!
Email to secure you place or call Rire on 022 0400 541

The light in me, recognises the light in you,  

Namaste xx